A Snowy London...

22 January 2013

Yesterday morning I walked to work. Again. Tfl was doing it's usual 'no, no, no, couldn't possibly cope in the snow' so Ben and I decided to get up that little bit earlier and get our exercise on. Thighs of steel and a firm bum here I come. HA, dream on Nicola! Despite it being freezing cold we couldn't help but smile at how Clapham Common seemed even more beautiful with the added blanket of snow.
(Why is it that the 'arms open wide pose' only comes out when drunk or in snow pictures? Gets me.)
An hour and a half of uninterrupted time with my favourite person? I'm gonna call that a breakfast date. One of my favourites yet and a brilliant way to start the day.
At the edge of the common we encountered this snowball. It completely amazed me.
When I was younger, me and my sister would love playing out in the snow..making snow angels and having mad snowball fights but I have no memories whatsoever of making snowmen! How does this kind of thing happen? I am certain that I would have been terrified of a snowball of that size. How do you even get them that big???

Tash I think you should come over so we can make snowmen.

Oh and snow? You can stay.


  1. that certainly does sound like the perfect way to begin the day! and that snowball is outrageous :)

  2. That sounds like an awesome breakfast date! Bet it was lovely to have some company whilst stomping through the snow. And how DO you get a snowball that big? xo

    Rosie // A Rosie Outlook

  3. I want to come hang out with you in a snowy London!

  4. Lovely snow! Here (in Canada no less) it kept snowing, then melting, then snowing... vicious cycle, quite nasty really. But now there's a few inches and it looks like they're here to stay! The arms wide open pose is appropriate for all occasions in my experience, especially when paired with can-can-ing legs ;) xxx

  5. Soooo pretty! And chilly, I imagine.

    I don't even understand that snowball...

  6. I would love if we'd actually get some snow this year-- I feel like I've moved to a bubble where no weather can really hit me....
    1 hour of uninterrupted play time/breakfast date in the snow would be lovely:)

    I found you on the blog hop and can't wait to read more...
    Hoping you'll stop by and say hey sometime.

  7. That is one mighty impressive snowball!


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