a four day weekend

7 January 2013

Four day weekends should be standard.
I spent my four day weekend relaxing and accomplishing my HUGE to-do list that had built up over the holidays.
THURSDAY was spent deep cleaning the kitchen. Then cleaning the rest of the flat. Then napping. And watching chick flicks. Then napping some more.
The kitchen cupboards went from this...
To this...
 This was the in-between part. I so nearly gave up..
Thankfully other parts of the flat were easier to organise... and look much prettier!
FRIDAY was spent catching up over a long lunch with one of my friends Simon. And some Mai Tai cocktails. New favourite right there.
SATURDAY morning was spent at a photo shoot. The company I work for are producing some new material for clients and I was brought in to not only do the make-up (which I loved!) but also be in the pictures.
Here is me in my uniform. Looking all corporate... I scrub up well don't I?
SATURDAY evening was spent with Ben and Goblin. We made our own pizza's (a huge success), drank some wine, ate some chocolate and then snuggled.
The preparation stage... 
And my pizza just before I scoffed it.
So. Good.

SUNDAY was spent relaxing with my boys again. He played his 'shooty shooty' ps3 games and I blogged. (With the odd distraction; Ben and wine). For dinner we made some delicious pulled pork sandwiches (recipe) and drank a little more wine.

So that's how I spent my four day weekend. Was pretty darn nice.
This mornings 6:30am alarm was tough though.
How was your weekend???


  1. Lovely pictures!
    That pizza looks beaut!

    - Keeley

  2. I loved the napping, chick flicks and more napping bit! That sounded like the perfect weekend :) Have loved reading your blog after Jennie mentioned you on her blog!

  3. Yes, I don't want to go back to a routine yet!

  4. 4 day weekends are the best! Homemade pizzas are SO good, I haven't made one in too long, must change that next weekend!

    Jennie xo |

  5. Still so jealous of your four day weekend! Homemade pizza is THE BEST. I make a BBQ chicken pizza at home a lot. So, so, so good.

    And that pulled pork sandwich looks amazing. I'm going to check out that reipe now!

  6. That sounds like the perfect week! I do like a freshly cleaned flat - it makes everything better x

  7. Well holy hell. That is the scariest picture of a cat I have seen today. Heaven only knows all of them are scary.

    I am glad you had a good weekend. Let's not talk about mine. Let's not.

  8. I just came across your blog through sailboat. and as weird as this may sound, I love it already for the fact you are a blogger who wears glasses! I struggle to find any that wear frames consistently, and as a (questionably blind) teenager who wears glasses i find it quite refreshing!

  9. I would kill for a 4 day weekend right now. Props to you for the deep clean! My kitchen is begging me for one, It's no fun. But I might just do it this weekend.

    You are gorgeous! And next time you make pizzas, invite me for crying out loud.

  10. That sandwich looks amazing!

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post... Pops of Color.


  11. The pizza looks yummy! :)


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