Merry Christmas..

24 December 2012

Christmas is almost here!! As I will be busy relaxing, drinking, laughing, watching films, enjoying the company of my family(s), eating and drinking some more...I probably won't be posting much on here. It will be nice to have a little break and be TRULY present at this time of year. Thank you all so much for your comments, emails and support this past year, I have really loved having this blog to look back on and I can't wait to continue it next year.
Have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year, Love to you all.

A girls night out in Clapham...

21 December 2012

Before I lived with Ben, I lived with some lovely girls.  
Two of those girls are now two of the most important girls in my life. Claire bear and Krissy doodles. 
Their stories are not mine to tell but let me tell you..they are two incredible women.
A few Friday's ago we scheduled dinner and drinks in Clapham. A good old, much needed catch up. 
The one thing I miss most about living with them is us all getting ready for nights out together. 
Bustling in and out of each others rooms, borrowing clothes and make-up, helping apply each others fake tan, topping up our drinks, listening to music....the list goes on. 
Now-a-days as we don't live together we improvise. We share the experience via iPhone. 
(Dinner was at 9. These pictures were shared around 8.)

And there we are. All ready and good to go.
This is as close to an OOTD as there will ever be on my blog.
If that ever proves to not be the case you are more than welcome to beat me till I see sense.
Back to the point...our evening begins..
After our delicious feast at The Stonhouse we moved to 64th & Social for some super yummy cocktails and some more OOTD's. I joke, I joke.
Sometimes a girl just needs to hang out with her ladies, have a giggle, talk about boys and enjoy being young and beautiful. (He he)
Most of our fun came whilst waiting for the tube back to Balham. You could say we are easily pleased. That would probably be quite a true statement!!
I have pretty much no idea what we were actually doing at this point but who gives a shit!
It was a perfect December evening. And they are perfect friends. 
Thank you ladies. Here is to 2013 and many more girls nights out. 


20 December 2012

I don't know what I would do without this guy. 
Sometimes I think about what my life would be like if I hadn't tottered over to him that Friday night two and a half years ago, taken his glasses clean off his face and then tottered away secretly hoping he would follow.  
That night goes down in history. The night that I took a chance at being (super) cheeky and he took a chance by following me, buying me a drink and asking me out. 
Every day I am thankful that I met him that night. Because every day since he has made me smile, made me laugh, made me happy.
He has changed me into someone that I am proud of. Looking back I needed to meet him. I needed to learn compassion and responsibility, I needed to learn how to love properly and how to be a team. He has taught me how to be a better person and it still astonishes me how he loves me in spite of my (many) flaws, the way that he thinks I am beautiful even when I feel ugly and the fact that he hasn't ever once given up on me. 
Thank you Ben for being so wonderful to me.
I'm yours. 
p.s this picture was taken on our second date. so. cute. 
p.s.s thank you for bearing with this mush, apparently I have come over all sentimental tonight.

Christmas stuffs...

19 December 2012

1. Most of our Christmas presents have been bought and wrapped! Goblin does a fantastic job of guarding them all. Either because he knows that there is a present in the pile for him or he is annoyed they are taking up his favourite lounging space.

2. Tonight I am making myself* a yummy Hot Toddy. Sylwia seems to have passed on her sucky cold to me (super thanks lady) and I cannot wait for the moment when I am in the bath, drink in hand, relaxing.

*Ben will probably make this.

3. I love my new jammie bottoms that I got from Sylwia (forgiven now) for Christmas. So. Snuggly.
If I could I would wear them to work. Such a shame I can't.
4. Thank you for all the lovely emails, texts, comments and tweets about my Oma. So lovely of you all.

5. Wanna know a secret? Those jeans that I wore all last week? I wore them all weekend too. I get all sentimental and attached to things like that and pretty much had to be forced to wash them.

6.Reading posts and articles like this, this (favourite blog at the moment), this and this really helped me get into a good head space this morning. Inspiring stuff from some pretty inspiring people.
Go have a read.

7. Favourite quote from this week:
(In the girliest voice Ben does)
"Hi, my name is Joebeff and I like change. If something can be changed...I will change it."
This is so true I can't even explain. Good or bad though?

8. We know how I feel about odd numbers so I will use this point to say Merry Christmas All!!!!!

My Oma, Brunhilde...

18 December 2012

I don't really know where to start. Or even if words can convey how I have been feeling these past few days.
On Friday my Oma passed away and my heart aches. We all miss her so much.
She was an incredible woman. A woman who stole the hearts of all those close to her..
This is my favourite picture of my Oma, Grandad, Tash and I. It sits proudly on my coffee table.
It makes me smile every time I look at it. Especially Tasha's face. What a rascal.
This is my favourite picture of my Dad and Oma.
Thinking of you Daddy.
Ben and I travelled back home on Saturday to spend some time with my family. Being surrounded by the people I love most is just what I needed.
Family time is what we all needed.
Claire popped round early Saturday morning before we left to bring me a few treats. This girl knows better than anyone how just a few small things and a big hug can make everything seem just a smidge brighter. Thank you Clairebear.
Ben barely let go of my hand the whole time I was at home, I am so lucky to have him as my best friend. I don't know what I would do without him. Thank you Ben.
Saturday night we stayed up and spoke about how much family means to us both, whilst admiring how beautiful my Oma's ring is. I am so lucky that I get to keep a little something of hers and wear it every day. It means the world to me..
Thank you to Daddy, Wendy, Mum, Ben and Tash for making me so proud to call you my family.

Thinking that/Thankful for/Listening to/Bad Ideas & Good Ideas

14 December 2012

Thinking that...
-Today I am wearing such incredibly uncomfortable knickers that I have considered taking them off and going comando not only once, but twice already.
Sucks to be me.
-I have worn the same pair of jeans every day this week.
And the same boots.
And the same bra.
And the same coat.
And the same hat.
(Which is a bear hat no less. Thanks Sis)
You can see most of the items in the above photo.
I like to justify this to myself because I only wear my own clothes for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening.
Except the day this picture was taken.
That makes it okay yeah? yeah?
Thankful for...

-The small things that people do.
Like the Christmas card I recieved from the gorgeous Rachel last night totally put a huge smile on my face.

-The fact that my Dad makes the most 'halarious' comments (via email) about my blog. He is such a cutie.
A lovely blog. 
I wish for a daughter that phones more and much of what you want (but not Ben). 
I can sort the cupcake.
-Having a friend who once vowed that although she 'hates blogs as they make her cringe' that she really likes reading mine. I promised not to tell on her so as I haven't said her name she can't get mad! She knows I love her lots though.
Listening to...

-Lemar and Jamelia.
Please don't judge.

Bad ideas this past week...

-Having two evenings where I thought that Tequila would be a good idea.
(reasons why this is not so can be found here)
Are these not the fanciest Tequila shots you have ever seen? We thought so.
That's why we took photos. Naturally.
I like to refer to these faces as the 'on wednesday we do tequila faces'.

Good ideas this week...

-Taking some time out to have a really relaxing bath last night.

-Wearing snuggly pyjamas. At every possible opportunity.

- Spacing out the last three episodes of The Walking Dead that me and Ben had to watch.

- Watching Total Recall having this conversation with Ben:
Me: Oh my god, I would so love to live in the future. It looks so cool. Even the shit bits are cool.
Ben: *sideways glance*
Me: No seriously, everything looks exactly how I would want it to look. I want to be in the future.
Ben: Really? Your enjoying this film??
Me: Err yeah, what's not to like. Fir men, fit women. And I love the future.
Ben: Well technically we are living in the future. Like now. And now. And now. And now. And now. And now...And... 
Me: Stop! *deathstare* That is not what I meant. ASS.
Ben: Everytime we speak it is in the future.
Me: Let's not talk anymore.

- Deciding I am going to have another bath tonight. And deciding that I am going to email Alissa and speak nonsense at her all week and let her make me laugh.
Oh wait. Done that already. Thanks lady!!

wishing for 2013

13 December 2012

I think it is about time that I take a second and have a really good think about what I want from 2013.
What I want to change, what I want to keep the same, what I have loved and what I have hated.
And it's always good to make a wish or two...
I wish for clarity. I wish for more weekends with my family. I wish for a lifetime with Ben. I wish for simple evenings with a good book & a tasty hot chocolate. I wish for a hot summer. I wish for more cuddles with Goblin. I wish for warm toes and warm fingers. I wish for an income from a job that I really love. I wish for snow this Christmas. I wish for creativity. I wish for longer nails. I wish for deeper friendships.  I wish for a visit to see my blogging friends in the US. I wish for more sleep.   wish for glowing confidence. I wish for a trip around the world. I wish for financial security. I wish for a red velvet cupcake. I wish for a quaint little house in the countryside. I wish for spoken expectations. I wish for silence. I wish for a night under the stars.
I wish for an ever loving heart.
Sometimes I forget that life is about the journey, not the destination, that happiness is a choice and at the end of the day being present is all we can really do.
Here is to being present in 2013.

Christmas arrived. Just incase you didn't know.

12 December 2012

Let me just put it out there that I do actually like Christmas.

What I don't like is the STRESS that Christmas brings.
It is everywhere.
We have so many people that we want to see at Christmas that the thought of putting together a schedule that makes everyone happy gives me a horrible knot in my stomach that refuses to go away. There are presents to buy, parties to attend, weekends are jam packed, eating and drinking, complete lack of relaxation and worst of all the weather.
It all makes for a stressed me. And a stressed me is usually a passive aggressive me.
Not cool.
I don't want to be like this. And I certainly don't enjoy it.
So at the beginning of December I was *talked into going to Winter Wonderland with Ben, Sam & Harriet.
(*I was told on the morning, didn't have much choice, probably a good thing)
We had such a lovely day that it made me like Christmas again.
We started off the day with some rather overflowing Hot chocolates (with Baileys - yum) and then moved onto some Mulled wine. What did you expect??
As it was packed and super cold we headed to Harrods to have a wonder. We spent a few hours combing through the Christmas departments (bought my first Harrods Decorations!) and the Fashion floors (bought fuck all!) soaking up the Christmassy vibes.
In Harrods I found this little gem. He stole my heart! LOOK AT HIS FACE!
I want him. (HINT)
After Harrods we went back to the guys flat to watch their Christmas tree go up. Over the years Harriet has amassed quite a collection of baubles and I genuinely don't think I have ever seen her happier than when she was dressing their tree. Being the knobs we usually are we spent a fair amount of time messing around.
The joys of having an artificial tree..
Having such a lovely Christmassy day made me want to (for once) get our decorations started. A week later (a week of having a naked tree) here it is... our Christmas tree.
Isn't it pretty???
p.s Claire, if your reading..what shall we name him?

Ping in Earls Court. Too much fun.

11 December 2012

Earls Court.
Easily the best bar I have ever been to.
I went with one of my girlies Susan for some drinks and dinner a few weekends ago..
This place has literally everything you could want from a watering hole.
Weird candle holders??
Wine? Cocktails??
To die for pizza??
(what? we were there!)
In fact we did remark on more than one occasion how good looking everyone was in there.
Single?? Book now. Seriously.
And the obvious....
Ping pong??
You can even play the whole 'lets chase the ping pong ball around for about an hour because we are really shit at this' game.
Side note 1: I am sure Susan would like me to say at this point that she is much better at me at ping pong. This would in fact be lies. I am MUCH better. And I even have all these fancy schmancy moves to show off with to try and impress people.
Side note 2: What I just wrote in side note 1 was lies. Susan was much better at me.
Londoners, you should head there.
Just make sure to put your name down for a ping pong table as soon as you arrive. And have a strawberry bellini. And a pizza.
Oh and prepare to laugh. Because we did.
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