10 secrets...

31 October 2012

1. I am an ass. Why you ask? Well I managed to somehow leave our laptop charger in Kent. Which means I can't upload any of the (boring) pictures I have taken recently. Gutted.
2. I hate it when I see women on the tube doing their make-up with GROSS matted and clogged up make-up brushes. It properly makes me feel sick.
(Just for the record, I love watching women do their make-up on the tube otherwise!)
3. I have done absolutely nothing remotely 'halloweeny' this year. That is except for being as pale as Casper the ghost. But seriously, done. nothing. This makes me sad. After all you can only dress up as a slut and get away with it this one night of the year.
This is me as a slutty bunny two years ago.
This is me and my friends dressed up as a drunk people last year.
As you can tell by those photo's I take Halloween pretty seriously.
The pictures from last Halloween I don't even remember taking.
That is what Quelf will do to a group of young intelligent adults.
I think my Mum and Sister had pretty amazing costumes this year though. They made up for me.
4. I absolutely HATE the feeling of towels when I have dry hands. I can't touch them. I also HATE the feel of velvet. YUCK...
5. I wish I was as funny as some of the ladies whose blogs I read.
6. Sometimes I  think that if what I am eating is small...say a biscuit...then it isn't as bad for me.
Hmm...thinking though that could be why my fat ass doesn't fit into that black skirt I wore as a bunny.
7. I am so excited about the next three weekends I have coming up. This weekend is for a few drinks with awesome friends. The weekend after is for doing 'outdoorsy' things in Centre Parcs. And the weekend after that is for many drinks in Bournemouth.
This isn't so much as a secret as just a fact. Sorry not sorry.
8. Yesterday I bought these off of eBay. For like £2.10
This is the first time I have EVER bought something off eBay.
I actually love them. I am also sure Ben will hate them.
Do you like them?
9. Today I bought some of that 'no bite' shit for my nails. I am pretty sure though that as we are not allowed to wear nail polish anymore, it will do nothing to stop me biting my nails.
I'm considering bailing and getting falsies again.
10. Sometimes I like to bury my face in Goblins tummy. Other times I squeeze him so hard he squeaks.
And that concludes my ramblings today...

A tuesday thinking process...

30 October 2012

Just wanna put it out there that based on yesterday, I am not a fan of Mondays.
Nor am I much of a fan of the weather these past few days either. Something about that drizzly rain that is neither here nor there rearing it's ugly head.

Yesterday was spent obsessively looking through the IKEA website. 
I swear I could waste hours on there.. oh shit, that is exactly what I did actually do. My bad.
The plan is to do it all again today. Judge all you like.
These are some of the things I have been lusting over..head over to their website for everything else I like!!
I am determined to get rid of our wardrobe and replace it with one of these...
These mugs are perfect for all the hot chocolates Ben is going to make me from now until Xmas.. 
This is the only desk chair I have found that I like. Seriously though, lack of stylish chairs out there peeps!! Market is wide open!
Today though has been spent thinking about these things...
- What in heavens name I would do if I was stuck at work when the zombie apocalypse happened. I wear a suit dress and heels to work...not exactly the best attire to be wearing is it if disaster strikes?? Suggestions?

- Things like this make me really really laugh..
- Reminiscing about how much of a nice weekend I had in Kent..and thinking of ways to 'oh so cleverly' steal Ben's mums gorgeous cottage. It is a tricky one. As in, I cannot think of one way to sneak that little cottage away from her...
- I have STILL not been able to get over how poorly Sylwia must have felt yesterday to pour her lemsip and BOILING WATER into a PLASTIC cup.
Just take a second to think about that..bless.. I am just glad she is feeling better today!
- How lucky I am to have a boyfriend that makes me so happy and a little Goblin to make me laugh. Our little family makes my heart want to burst.
- The yummy food Holly made for us Sunday night. The four of us (Me, Holly, Rick and Ben) spent the night enjoying a few glasses of vino and lovely food in their new flat! Congratulations guys!
Bring on Saturday at the BBC!

- Excited about some awesome weekends coming up.. Trip to Centreparcs and then a trip to Bournemouth!!! Both will involve a certain degree of drinking and getting into trouble I'm sure!

- How much I enjoy wearing my new vampy lipstick to work. And how much I DO NOT ENJOY not being able to wear coloured nail polish anymore..
- The fact that I LOVE the scent of The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla range and that my luck must be changing because even though I just ran out of the hand cream Ben bought me for Xmas last year (boo) I just spotted the last bottle of shower cream and body lotion in the Kings Road store! And because they were the last ones I got them both for £5!!!!! I cannot wait to bust those bad boys out tonight.

- Dreading the huge pile of ironing that is waiting for me at home. It stacks as high as my bum. Lame.

- Wanting to take Ben out for a date night cocktail tonight but not sure what he will say...Here is to hoping he says yes!??

Hope you have a lovely Tuesday!!

A Forest Segway Adventure!

26 October 2012

I have a confession for you.
Like realllly hate them.
I think they are ugly and bulky and un-feminine and gross and all kinds of yucky.
Safe to say you won't ever catch me in them mooching around town or running errands in them. Or running full stop actually...not my thing.
I own one pair of trainers. I have owned them for nearly five years now and can count on two hands how many times I have worn them.
Most of those occasions seem to be with one certain group of friends. I call them the 'outgoing, we do lots of mental things' group. They are also known as 'Ben's uni friends'.
The last time we saw this lot we went on a Forest Segway Adventure in Bracknell (website here) and I decided to wear my trainers for it. (shudders)
And I hated every second of wearing them...
But back to the point.. our day out was for Robyn's birthday and it was all a surprise for her planned by her boyfriend Sharpey - what a sweetheart!
None of us had ever been on a Segway before so the day was a total experience for us all.
Not to mention THE MOST FUN EVER!
As you can see, it was a beautiful day, sunny, crisp and clear (freezing too) day in Bracknell.
Me and the lovely Sam who was gorgeous enough to drive us there! As you can see I have deliberately left out my feet in ALL of these pictures. As said, I really do not like trainers!
Timmy and Anda.
Me and Ben looking seriously cool in our helmets.
Pete and Ben. Check out Ben's dad style backpack and Pete looking actually quite normal in his helmet. Trying not to get jealous over here...
The birthday lady Robyn!
And that up there is Fonzy. You really have to know him to understand just how funny this picture is.
Silly boy!
Here are some random snaps I managed to snag or steal from the day..
We even managed to get this shot of us all. Just look at our formation!! What pro's!
(If you squint and zoom in (and if you really care) you can kind of see my trainers in that last one)
So what have we all learnt today?
- I hate trainers.
- You MUST go on a Forest Segway adventure. (It is only £25 per person). Book it now! You will not regret it I promise.
- Me, Ben and the rest of our friends all make stupid faces when we are excited.
- Me, Ben and the rest of our friends (except Pete) all look stupid in helmets.
- Me, Ben and the rest of our friends are an aweosme bunch of people. Our instructor/guide said we were 'one of the best groups she has ever had'. I would call that winning!
And lastly as it is Friday I give you permission to enjoy a big glass of wine/beer/cocktail tonight!!
I will be in Kent this weekend taking in the countryside. What are your plans??

A recipe for the perfect Sunday afternoon at the woolpack

25 October 2012

You will need:
- The morning to spend pampering yourself.
(I find that gorgeous smelling LUSH products always get me in the mood....For getting ready that is, get your mind out of the gutter!)
- A Goblin to snuggle.
- Someone there to take pictures of the struggle when you squeeze him a little too tight.
(A furry face tells a thousand words)
- An outfit that makes you look ah-mazing.
(I am taking Ben's word for this ingredient)
- Heels.
(Sundays deserve heels. No stilettos though. Wedges only...we aren't hookers after all)
- The inability to take a proper 'outfit shot'.
(This was BY FAR the best of the bunch)
- Someone to laugh at like a hyena when they say 'I could do this outfit malarky' and the pictures come out like this.
(I promised not to put the others up here, I promised to protect his 'manliness', but oh my they are FUNNY. Maybe when he isn't looking?)
- Pictures of the journey to the pub.
(Who else is going to take up an opportunity like this except for bloggers?)
-  A brilliant bar/pub like The Woolpack in London Bridge to settle down in for the afternoon.
(If you are a Londoner go there. It is fab)
- Mulled Wine. In mugs of course.
(None of those 'fancy schmancy' wine glasses welcome here)
- Pictures of you enjoying the mulled wine.
(This one shouldn't be hard.Who doesn't like mulled wine????)

- A Sunday Roast fit for a King.
- Amazing family members to get a little tipsy with.
(In this picture me and Harriet were trying to hide our Roast dinner food babies. I think we did rather well?)


- The arrival of more family members.

- And finally a picture of all five of us.
(The dream team)

circa 2007 // old drunken photos...

24 October 2012

The other day I was having a browse on my old computer and I came across all of my old photos.
After a fit of hysterics and MANY a cringe I pulled my shit together long enough to take a few (awful) snaps of some of them on my phone until I get get my hands on the hard copies!!
Even looking at them now makes me laugh so hard I nearly pee myself.
The pictures below are of Susan and Richard.
Circa 2007.
Let me set the scene...most Thursdays after college we used to head down to the one good nightclub in town. We used to get in there early, order copious amounts of alcohol (it was £1.50 a drink up until 10pm!), plonk ourselves down and settle in for the night. We always used to know most of the crowd and we always used to love the music.
Anyone remember 'We are your friends' and 'That boy that girl'????
The club was perfect for us at the time; the smokers could puff away (before the smoking ban!) and us drinkers could glug away for cheap all hoping that there would be a few fitties to ogle throughout the night.
We all had some amazing (and many a drama filled) nights in that club.
They were the good old days.
And these pictures sum up our nights and Susan and Richard up perfectly.
Hmmm...I know what you are thinking..'oh my'..but stick with me here.
The last one is one of my favourites pictures of me and Susan.
It sums us up perfectly. It says 'We are classy ladies. And we like the wall.'

Moving on...
So I have finally stopped laughing at these photos (I wasn't lying when I said they make me laugh) and I just want to say a little something more serious about these two FANTASTIC people.
(insert gush)
They are two of the nicest, most supportive, down to earth, inspiring and intelligent people I know. Not to mention they are FIT AS (see photo's above)
I am so very lucky to have them in my life. They make me smile, they make me laugh, they take me as I am and we are all so shockingly different it always makes for fun when we hang out.
We have always been there for each other even though since college we have always lived so far from each other! But that never stopped us being unconditionally there for each other.
These two are my favourites and this little ramble here is for them.
The two best friends anyone can have...

Take a break, have a kit kat...

19 October 2012

Happy Friday all.
First things first, here is a cute picture of a kitten.
Secondly, I want to let you know that I am ill and out of action AGAIN. Doctors orders are to relax and get better so I won't be around much in the blog world for a few days....AGAIN.
I am still loving reading all your wonderful blogs so don't forget me!!
I will be back next week...

that wednesday feeling..

17 October 2012

(picture taken last year - you do not wanna see a picture of my face at the moment!!)
Reading World War Z. Zombies? Naturally.
Thinking that I am getting pretty fed up with illness after illness. Kidney infection (for the second time this year = sucky me)
Smelling the vanilla essence I have burning.
Wishing I could have proper back and forth conversations with Goblin. I wish this so bad! Oh the conversations we would have about life, friendship and the sort..
Hoping that it snows this winter.
Wearing pyjamas and laying in bed.
Loving my supportive family and boyfriend.
Wanting a cuddle and to be well again. 
Needing my boy home from work please?
Feeling totally disheartened.
Hey ho, that might just be the most boring post I have ever written..apologies folks, but I am off to sleep again...

A recipe for the perfect saturday night in...

15 October 2012

You will need:
- A bottle of gorgeous wine. Preferably Italian.
(in our opinion)
- Huge wine glasses to glug sip and enjoy the wine from.
(bigger the better)
- Zombie films to watch and scare yourself with.
(a vampire film will do if you are running out of zombie themed films/programs to watch)
- A box of chocolates
(ours were a gift from Ben's cousin, made them extra yummy)
- A bar of Galaxy.
(you can never have enough chocolate. who wants to share anyway??!)
- A comfy pair of pyjama's to lounge in.
(the older the better)
- A whole bunch of throws and snuggly cushions to nestle up in.
(the older the snugglier)
- A lovely boyfriend to spend your evening with.
(not essential, a bff will do perfectly)

- a little Goblin to nuzzle your face into.
(these things are not needed: make-up, 'sexy' pj's and technology e.g phones/ipads/laptops..)
And that is how we spent our saturday night...winding down after the Forest Segway adventure we had during the day with our friends. Pretty perfect if you ask me.
Oh and you can totally steal this recipe for your own saturdays.
You're welcome!

Too Young to Wed.

12 October 2012

I found this website today...Too Young to Wed. It breaks my heart and I think those young girls deserve us to take the time to read a little about them and their struggle. {here}
"One in three girls in the developing world is married before she turns 18, often to a man considerably older than her and often without her say-so. The results can be devastating: The girls are often removed from school, limiting their options for the future and the economic benefits they can provide their families. Early pregnancies put them and their children at much greater risk of death or disability. And social isolation exposes them to the potential for abuse.
The profound negative consequences associated with child marriage impact not just the girls, but their entire communities. Too Young to Wed seeks to raise awareness about child marriage, help girls who are already married and ultimately, to end the practice forever. We’ll use this space to spread news about the issue, share the girls’ stories and update you on the progress being made."

These girls need us to add our voice to theirs.

A night at the BBC. Dreams. Zombies.

Oh boy do I have lots to share with you today...lots of random things too, so you are all in for an absolute treat.

Let's start with last night. Drinks at The Balham Bowls Club with Clare (bff) Alex and Ben.
One of the MANY reasons I love living in Balham is the fact that there are an abundance of quirky and interesting bars to spend my time getting drunk in.
And if there is one thing we all know it's that I love a good quirky place to chill with friends and a good glass of wine to glug while I'm doing it!! As yesterday was unusually crazy at work and I have had to deal with an unusually high number of crazy people this week (now there is a story for another time) I was in desperate need of a large glass of wine.
And here is the glass of wine I so thoroughly enjoyed...
And here is a few pictures of one of my closest, most gorgeous friends Claire. I met Claire around three years ago when I moved into one of the rooms in a flat share she lived in. From the second I met her something clicked. This girl is supposed to be in my life for the long haul. We are so fundamentally different as women but she teaches me so much. Claire is one of those people that I am in awe of and I imagine that I always will be.
We also have the inability to take 'normal photos' on the first go...

We eventually get there though!

The boys have the same problem.
Topics of conversation -
- Surrogate mothers, this was one long conversation with lots of opinions flying round.
- Claire getting on the property ladder. Amazeballs.
- Weekend Plans. Can't share yet.
- Experiences with those crazy people I mentioned. We all had a story to tell that's for sure.
- Alex's exciting work at the moment.
- The lack of money we all have. Again, thank you expensive London.
- My blog. Everyone has their opinions on it!!
- Turbo V-necks. And how Alex totally pulls them off.
Secondly I would like to just talk a little about how I love this jumper. Ben bought it for me for my birthday from Oliver Bonas and Ithink it is perfect for this time of year.
To me Autumn means unstyled hair, lots of blusher and comfy clothes. Stripes are a bonus. Score.
Oh and massive coats, massive snoods and comfy boots. Obviously.
The next random thing I have floating around my little brain this morning is the dreams I have
been having lately.
Last night me and Ben decided to get married on a whim. (in my dream just in case you got confused there). We only invited our immediate family, we had the reception in our flat and I wore this dress...
(This was taken last year at my second mum's wedding - dress is a Ted Baker one)
Now two things here, why did I not wear a white dress?? I love love LOVE this dress - it is my favourite piece of clothing, but really? For my wedding?? I definitely want a white dress!
And why have the reception in our flat of all places??? Not even at the pub?? Baffling.
This has bothered me all morning...
Then a few nights ago I had a dream that I was being attacked and the crazy (faceless) man in my dream injected heroin into my face.
HEROIN in my FACE!!!!!
It was traumatic to say the least. And even weirder was that it was like I could feel myself become under the influence of the heroin.
(Just for the record I have no actual real life experience of what it actually feels like, obviously, so I am guessing my imagination was on overdrive  here)
I woke up and made Ben promise that he would never inject heroin into my face. Confusion and shock stared back at me. And then he promised he would never do it. I was freaked out though for at least a few days.
I can't share my other freaky dreams - I don't want you to think I am completely crazy now do I??
The last thing I want to talk to you about is Zombies.
Since knowing Ben and spending A LOT of time around his family these past few years I have been become both fascinated and terrified with Zombies.
All the boys (and their mum and dad fyi) love a good Zombie film/Xbox game/TV show/book/board game etc. Maybe it is just being them being boys (??) but I think they just love em.
I never used to think about them before but oh things do change! The occasional thought I had about them has escalated into thinking about them A LOT. I would put this down to recently reading World War Z. It is a BRILLIANT book but one that has made it all very scary/real in my mind.
I have taken to start asking the boys things like this...
I am so lucky to have those boys!!
I am convinced they must have had many a thorough conversation about what we would do if there were a zombie problem and how we would survive. Geeky yes, but I for one am glad that I will be in safe hands.
So there...I am gonna stop now as I could probably go on and on talking about all the weird things that swirl around in my head but I think I have covered enough bases today!
What is your weirdest thought today??? Do you have crazy dreams or zombie plans?????