Head cold - 1 // Me - 0

29 September 2012

Yeah, I am SO losing this fight with my cold right now. 
I am not sure if it was the complete lack of sleep (3 hrs max) or the fact that the sleep that I did manage to get I had to be upright for or the fact that my ears are completely blocked or the feeling that my head feels like it is about to explode, but all of this means that I am on a total DOWNER.
OH the plans that I had for this morning! I was going to be the perfect domestic goddess; cleaning, ironing, washing...all before I glam myself up and head out to meet Sylwia for our afternoon of pampering and shopping!
In reality though I haven't showered, I am surrounded by used tissues, flu tablets and empty mugs from my morning hot toddy's (cheeky) and feeling a little very sorry for myself. And there is not a chance that I am going to clean - sorry Ben!!
But i refuse to let this cold win. 
I will get up, I will shower, I will wash my hair, I will put on some slap and I will go out and enjoy myself. 
At the end of the day I have been excited about this afternoon for like forever. I am due a mani/pedi, a shopping trip and some yummy Italian food and I want to do this with a good friend. 
So I am going to get up off my ass and get ready. God knows how long it is going to take to get me looking respectable!
oh and that picture?? I took it this morning as the sun was rising - the one perk of not sleeping!

A night of feasting at Bodean's

28 September 2012

This post is for meat lovers.
Wednesday evening myself, Ben, Dean and Olivia went to Clapham Common for dinner at Bodeans. In my opinion you really cannot beat dinner at Bodeans. If you like meat. Lots of meat.
Bodean's, also known as our 'little corner of heaven', brings the American BBQ Smoke House right here to London town
These are some examples of the things that I like to say when I am at Bodean's;
Holy schmoly. Yum-diddy-yum. Amaze-balls. Yummyness overload. Yo, Bitch.
(I still wish I could say that last one without sounding like an ass)

Double dating it. We are TOO cool.
That right there is my dinner.
I ordered the half rack of Spare ribs with chips and coleslaw. Emphasis there on the HALF RACK.
I can't imagine how much of an eating machine you would have to be to manage a full rack of those ribs.
The ribs were tender and tasty and yummy, and the chips were sent straight from heaven, the sauce, oh the BBQ mayonnaise sauce....*dribbles*...
The point of that ramble..the meal was delicious.
p.s my plate was the entire width of me. Hip to hip...Americans sure know how to give a generous portion size!
Such a pair.
Err, yeah, I don't know why I made that face. Blame it on the wine or the fact that I just stuffed my face, or the face that I am just that awkward in real life.
You can blame that face on the wine.
After dinner we made our way to Exhibit (one of my fav's) in Balham for a nightcap.
We glugged sipped on Tatanka Martini's (Zubrowka vodka, apple juice and vanilla) and chatted away until we decided to head home... After all, it was a school night!!

My weekend; hot chocolates, family time, biscuit trades and baby dinosaur impressions..

26 September 2012

I started writing this post yesterday. I got so far as 'Well that was a weird weekend..' and then gave up. The words weren't coming and my head was fuzzy with everything that was going on. So here I am again today, with hopefully a few more words than I had yesterday.
On Saturday autumn had officially arrived. My leggings were dragged out from the depths of my wardrobe, my boots and coat were dusted off and I wore not just two layers but four!! We took Goblin to the vets for his yearly jabs, had his claws trimmed and then did some odd errands in and around Balham. Saturday night we just chilled out with Alex, eating treats and drinking tea. Nothing new there.
Sunday and Monday were tough days though. I got news that my Oma (my daddy's mum) was taken ill into hospital and she was really poorly. I decided to go home to spend some time with her and my family. I won't say much more except that I hope my gorgeous Oma starts to feel a bit better soon. Love you and thinking of you.
And now it is Wednesday.
And what happens on a Wednesday in Autumn in London?
(Or any day in Autumn in London for that matter?)
It rains. Oh my has it rained the last four days.
But I refuse to let the rain upset me or affect my mood today.

So here are a few thoughts/secrets/questions/insights and things i should probably keep to myself but instead will share with you today in the hope to spread a smile or two...

♥ Last night around 9pm I received an unusual bout of energy and I spent this energy bouncing around the flat, in a star wars t-shirt, singing (badly) to Ben "would i trade you for a chocolate biscuit???"
(Tinie Tempah song lyric reference, vaguely).
This kind of behaviour just can't be explained.
He promptly declared that he would indeed trade me. But for free, to anyone that would take me off his hands. Takers??

♥ I have discovered the joy of having both marmite AND peanut butter on toast. Greedy? yes, but super duper tasty. And I cannot cope nor comprehend when people declare that they hate marmite. This should not be allowed. Only lover here please.

♥ I count myself doubley lucky that I have not only my own family there for me but Ben's family too. Alex really looked after me Sunday when Ben was at the football and I am so grateful for the lovely chat we had over a glass of wine. You are a star. Thank you x

♥ Around this time of year I become obsessed with hot chocolate and Ben makes the BEST hot chocolate.
I said 'Ben you make the most bestest, most delicious hot chocolate, can you make me one??'
He said 'NO. You only say that because I make the hot chocolate for you. You only think it tastes better because you didn't have to make it. Your laziness knows no bounds.'
We didn't end up having hot chocolate in the end.

♥ I haven't washed my hair in four days. Please don't judge, not stand too close to me on the tube. I am just trying to get it so that it doesn't grease up so quickly as I think it is too used to my shampoo now. Time to change. Anyone else have this problem??

♥ What do you do when you are in a little bit of a blog funk and the words don't come easily??

♥ Dreaming about Chris Hemsworth as Thor for two nights in a row = winning.
Emma totally understands.

♥ I am realllllyyyyy looking forward to my afternoon with Sylwia on Saturday. Mani/pedi booked, a cheeky glass of vino after, a little shopping and yummy food to be had = a happy little me and a happy little Sylwia.

♥ I was literally JUST told by Sylwia that I look like a 'small baby dinosaur when i yawn'.
I honestly don't know how to take that, have you seen any small baby dinosaur's recently. Do I look like one??

And on that incredibly random note... I hope you all have a lovely day.

How tequila can escalate things...

22 September 2012

So you remember when I mentioned here that last weekend I learnt tequila did not agree with me??
Well this post explains all.

(BE WARNED - this post contains it's fair share of alcoholic drinks, drunken behaviour and a lot of photos. But I am sure you are all used to that now.)

Last weekend myself, Ben, Alex and Caroline headed up into central for a catch up. We met at Waterloo and set out scouting somewhere to have a drink before dinner. By chance we stumbled across the Priceless London Wonderground so we decided to settle ourselves in with a jug of Pimms to start the evening festivities!!
It is such a gorgeous little slice of heaven. A little like Winter Wonderland (all you Londoners will know what I mean) but just without the christmassy feeling!! The lanterns, the mini mushroom stools, the deck chairs, the trees and the buzzing atmosphere made for a lovely start to the evening.
Isn't it just gorgeous!!?? It is there till the end of September so if you get a chance, definitely head down to Waterloo.
After the Pimms and the bottle of pink wine we headed back under the bridge to The Archduke restaurant for some cocktails and food. As there was quite a wait for the table we settled outside and enjoyed each others company. And some cocktails of course.
Cocktail number one; Ben has an espresso martini and Alex enjoyed a rather strong concoction of alcohol plus alcohol plus more alcohol and then a splash of fruit juice.
I enjoyed a few many strawberry caipirinha's and Caroline has a few mojitos. Don't they just look delicious?
The food was absolutely gorgeous. Alex and I shared some huge chunky and delicious prawns to start and then we both chose chicken and chips for our mains. The best bit?? the guacamole. YUM.
I then moved on to some raspberry mojitos, which did the trick.
The waiter then bought over a shot of tequila for us all.
Oh tequila, tequila, tequila, tequila..this little shot tipped us all waaaaay over the edge.
After this point everything gets a little fuzzy.
After all that it was prosecco time.
There were reports of me being a little loud at this point but there is no evidence of this therefore it isn't true. Well that is what I am telling myself anyway.
That up there is me and Alex acting silly. At least we weren't the only ones!!
Where there is a mirrored wall in London there will be drunk people taking pictures.
Now these last ones are only a fuzzy memory. Something about New Girl and FREEZEFRAME attempts. If you watch New Girl you will understand. If not, email me.
We are just TOO COOL. 
Next stop for us all? Home. And boy did I need my bed!!
Do you have any experience with tequila escalating an otherwise classy and civilised evening???
Please share. 
So I don't feel such a loser. 
That's all from me, peace out. 
(I don't know why I said that, I promise I won't again...)

it's okay..

21 September 2012

Recently I have realised that I need to give myself a bit of a break sometimes. To not be so hard on myself and to accept the fact that I am only human and no where near perfect.
I am okay with not being perfect.

It is also okay to...
1. Want to be one of those 'natural girls' but know that for me, it is completely 100% unachievable.
2. Have lots of weird inappropriate dreams and never tell a living soul them.
3. Have entire conversations with Goblin like he is a real person. All evening. And then spend a good hour or two imagining what accent he would have if he ever did actually speak back.
4. Blog for my own reasons and not have to justify it to anyone. I enjoy it and that is all that matters!!
5. Eat really healthily all day and then eat chocolate and sweets when I get home because it 'doesn't technically count'.
6. Watch Breaking Bad and really wanting to be able to use words like 'Yo' and 'Bitch' without sounding TOTALLY RIDICULOUS. O well, a girl can dream.
7. Dribble in front of your boyfriend (by complete accident obv) and instead of immediately apologising, laugh for the next 30 minutes non stop. I am such a keeper.
8. Remind myself that 'this too shall pass' when I am having a bad day.
9. Think that it is okay to wash my hands in our bathroom but not okay to wash my hands in the kitchen. (Something to do with me being a total freak and the water being different.)
10. Accept the fact that I will never have 'good' or 'witty' blog titles. Or even know what SEO actually means for that matter.
11. Enjoy that Ido not have to take my job home. Monday to Friday, 9-6 you will find me being a super efficient, very corporate receptionist, any other time you can find me at home surrounded by mountains of maltesers and goblets overflowing with wine tea. Perfection.
12. Never be amazed at the things that me and Claire (my old flatmate) will say when we are together. Shocking and totally bizarre.
13. Have not ridden a bike for about 6 years now. GASP.
14. Wear the most unattractive and uninviting PJ's around the flat and still expect the boyfriend to fancy you.
15. Finding stuff like this on Tumblr months ago, and being so easily pleased that it still makes me laugh today.
Happy Friday everyone!!!

confession time..

20 September 2012

It has been a weird and horrible day.
I am ready to put it behind me and curl up on the sofa with some maltesers and a cup of tea. 
Oh wait!! I already have those two things. AND I have a little Goblin for snuggles. 
Feeling better already. Although I think know my feeling better is down to the hour and a half of yoga that I did as soon as I got home NOT the tea and treats I am consuming as I type. 
As my head has been a mess today I have nothing planned for this post but want and feel the need to write..SO here are a few confessions/random facts/secrets of mine.. 
a few confessions. 
// I have watched the first three seasons of The Hills in the past few weeks. It is not something I am proud of, but everyone has to have a guilty pleasure shit TV show right??
// I am watching said guilty pleasure now. It is oh so dramatic.
// I haven't washed my hair since Monday. Ew. 
// I think that the most gorgeous thing in the world are a newborn babies fingers and toes. 
// I think that the second gorgeous thing is this boy and his cute early morning yawns. 
// I struggle to sleep properly without Ben there. I'm thinking that tonight I might wait up for him to get back from a work's do.
// I sometimes walk around the flat completely NEKED. Only when we don't have company though, cause that would be super awkward. 
// Speaking of awkward. Why do I insist on pulling stupid awkward faces? On a non-awkward note.. those other two ladies right there are AMAZING. 
// Sometimes when I need to kill time I daydream about what my life might be like in 5 or 10 or 15 years time. I might even do this for the next two hours whilst I wait for Ben to get home. Or keep watching the Hills. 
// The most exciting thing that I have planned his weekend is taking Goblin to the vets. 
// A group of us went to a Butch Walker concert on Tuesday. It was so good and we got to meet him!!!! EEEEK!!!!! My sis was so completely overwhelmed bless her!
p.s is he not so gorgeously DREAMY??? yum. 
// Is it pathetic that I feel proud that I went three days without nail polish on this week? That was my attempt at being one of those 'natural girls' for a while. Next week I am going to try the whole no make-up thing. 
------That was a joke. I can't get away with not wearing make-up, it's also not good for the general public. 
// sometimes I like to do silly things like this;
There I am, chilling out and eating some fizzy fang sweets.
The natural progression?? Act like a five year old; 
// I learnt last weekend that Tequila doesn't agree with me. But more about that coming up soon.. 

over the pond // at 3-Oh-1 Grace Street

18 September 2012

You can find me over here today on Samantha's blog talking about what it is like to live in London!!
Samantha is LOVELY! She has an adorable blog and was one of my first bloggy friends. When she emailed and asked if I would guest post for her about London I squeeled a little bit, instantly told Ben and then couldn't believe my luck that I have made such nice bloggy friends this year.
My IRL friends would probably give me a slap for saying 'bloggy' but who cares??
Don't answer that.
((Oh and IRL = In Real Life for you non-cool non-bloggy people.))
I am on a roller coaster of cool today.
So go over to Samantha's blog and read my ramblings. Please.
p.s Tonight I am off to see Butch Walker!!!!!!!!!!!
AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! He is soooo dreamy.

some bubbly and some grub...

17 September 2012

Working at Clarins has been a really big part of my life here in London. Four years in London and three of those years i spent working in Peter Jones on the Clarins counter.
I both loved and hated that job. Anyone who has worked in retail would understand what i mean. I loved the team i worked in but hated the hours. I loved helping women with their skin and make-up but hated working weekends. I loved it when it was busy but hated it when it was quiet.
I don't regret one second of my time there though and if i could work there Monday to Friday with the old dream team and a hefty pay rise I would go back tomorrow.
I don't think that is too much to ask???? PFFFT.
I remember my last day at Peter Jones well. I cried A LOT. I was so sad about the change that was happening right before my eyes.
I was really worried that I would fall out of touch with the girls. They had become so important to me. We were all so close. We laughed together, we comforted each other when we were upset, we got drunk and rowdy at after work drinks together, we bitched about boys and gushed about boys, we did each others make-up, we made fun of each other but most of all we were always there for each other.
Looking back I shouldn't have been worried at all. I now work literally round the corner and pop in to see them a good few times a week!! It is like I never left at all..
Last month we all went out for some grub and bubbly at Kettners for a few of the girls birthdays.
We all love getting dressed up for nights out. I wore a skirt from River Island and an old white tee. The jacket is from H&M and the scarf was a present from Ben. Heels are my trusty tan courts from Zara.
p.s I wore out those heels this weekend and could have cried when the bottom of the heel came off. I hate that metal clickity click and now need to go get them repaired. Boohoo!!!
Zoe and myself- also known as Pinky (Zoe sure does love Pink) and Purky (my surname is Purkins. go figure!!)
As there was a huge gaggle of us - about 16 in total - Kettner's provided us with a party menu. Most of us chose the two courses for £25 which is so reasonable for such a lovely 'posh' restaurant. I think everyone up our end of the table had the steak and chips. It was DIVINE. and you can tell it was super yummy as i didn't even get a snap of it before i gobbled it up. what a piggy, thank goodness for elasticated skirts!
The lovely Kat, Tracey and Louise. I hadn't seen Kat or Louise in FOREVER as Kat works elsewhere now and Louise is a new mum, so it was so nice to catch up with them properly.
Now just in case you are thinking that I now work with complete trolls, let me just say that is totally not the case!! I have a post about those lovely people coming up soon!!!