so i'm thinking i need a holiday...

31 July 2012

i'm literally counting down the hours till saturday morning when i am on that plane to italy.

i need a break.
i'm irritable, bitchy and constantly tired..
my skin is breaking out, my hair seems lifeless..
i feel completely uninspired..
i seem to be wearing only sweats (especially as 'the british summer' has apparently ended already)
case and point;

you can tell i need a holiday as this is the only picture i have taken since saturday.
well off my game.

just want to say a massive thank you to all you lovelies that read my little blog...i am sure that when i come back i will be full of inspiration and good bloggity things!

red lion grand re-opening.

30 July 2012

for those of you who might not know, my mum owns a pub. a few months ago it was flooded.
flooded really badly.

since then she has had a fab team of workers strip it all out and re-fit everything. she has worked so incredibly hard through out the whole process and i am so very proud of her.

friday night i arrived in essex after work to help with the final big push. from the second i arrived it was all go. never worked so hard in my life.

sorry mum, had to put this one up was a priceless moment!!!

here are some pictures of the finished pub - how gorgeous does it look???!!

it was a fantastic evening and i am so proud of my mum.
and now for a few thank you's.
thank you to the building team/electricians/painters/plumbers/landscapers who helped my mum to make this happen, thank you to the other girls on the bar team who made me giggle all night, thank you to all the lovely people who came down to support the pub and a massive thank you to my gorgeous friend sarah and her mum who made it down to say hello - so sorry i couldn't spend more time with you :(

as i don't want to put a downer on the amazing re-opening i will save my rant about the total ass holes (excuse my language - but they really are) who started a fight at the end of the night for another time.

p.s sorry about the picture overload..

friday's letters

27 July 2012

dear body, in spite of the fact that you sometimes feel crabby and broken, i do actually like you. i know i don't tell you often enough but your not really that bad.
dear goblin, please please please eat some of your wet food. your making us worry.
dear biscuit, i have really missed you this week. and will miss you even more this weekend.
dear mum and Tasha, i cant wait to see you tonight, really need a bit of family time.
dear red lion pub, i can't wait to see how you are looking for the re-opening tomorrow night. gonna be lots of fun, as long as you promise to work all okay yeah? good. glad you agreed.
dear dad and Wendy, only 8 days now!!! Italy!!!!!!
dear Ben & Jerry's, stop being so delicious. i am hoping not to be a big fat blob before holidays and you are definitely not helping with your deliciousness.
dear coffee, thanks for the pep up this morning...boy was i a sleepy soul when i woke up.
dear Sylwia, how unacceptable was this mornings poop talk? yuck. i can't even bear to think of it. not nice on a Friday morning.
dear blog world, thank you for being so lovely and welcoming. i really love and appreciate all your nice comments.
dear rest of the world, why has no-one developed a way for us to sleep with our eyes open yet????? this needs to be done. oh and apologies for this long ramble. i think it is the tiredness speaking.

have a lovely Friday everyone.
love Nic x

after work...

26 July 2012

usually goes something like this..

coffee for the walk to the station.
flip flops standard.
ripped jeans standard.

cuddles with goblin the second i get home.
hair everywhere standard.
purring standard.

blog blog blog.
read read read.

i won't include the tub of ben & jerry's that i demolished just after this picture was taken.
pretty ashamed about that to be honest.
not good the week before holiday. yeeesh...

biscuit just got home, so i am off to spend the rest of the evening (the last hour or so) with him.

i am expecting...

(i bet you are waiting to hear me say i am pregnant - no such luck people!)

i am actually expecting a present from biscuit today.
i feel i deserve one after his cheeky shenanigans cost me an hours sleep from 1am to 2am last night.
in his drunken state i had to literally put him to bed and look after him like i would a small child.
if he wasn't so cute i think i would have made him sleep on the sofa.

while he was out 'having it large' i had a really relaxing evening in by myself...
/ i spent an hour doing some gentle yoga - i have done yoga every day this week and am super proud of myself because of this. i just wish i could afford to keep going with my lessons from Patricia.

/ i watched the latest three episodes of new girl - best program ever??! schmidt is my hero. have you watched new girl? do you love it??

/ i enjoyed a large glass of red vino and painted my nails.. for the third time this week. obsession much??

/ i stood and looked at our ironing pile for a good ten minutes. i didn't have the heart to even attempt it. i am considering just throwing all the clothes under the sofa. i like things to look tidy okay?

/ i worried about goblin for a while as he has stopped eating his wet food. he still munches on his dry food and drinks his water, but it is hard not to worry..i don't know how parents do it to be honest.

/ i considered sorting out the clothes i am going to take on holiday, then decided i couldn't be bothered. spent 20 minutes on pinterest instead. was then proud that i didn't spend longer on it - i usually do.

/ i ate half a tub of ben & jerry's, then felt really guilty. for about 3 seconds.

/ looked through the pictures that i was tagged in from paint balling..and laughed..these boys crack me up..

sexy bunch of people huh??

/ i then looked through the pics on my phone, all 1282 of them and saw these that i took. then remembered i had never written the 'this is the kind of stuff i wear to and from work' post i had planned on. probably because it would be boring.

i believe that you can't go wrong with a good pair of ripped jeans.

so yeah, that was how i 'had it large' on a wednesday.
biscuit is out tonight too so i am expecting to do pretty much the same thing as last night.
i wonder what he is going to get me as a present...ideas anyone??

the most amazing weekend yet. part 3 .

25 July 2012

so here it is, part 3 of last weekends shenanigans..our sunday adventures.

sunday morning was spent in bed - such is our standard.
sunday afternoon was spent in greenwich with our good friends rik and holly.
this is how sundays are meant to be spent people..

 here is a little warning for you all...i used to have a real addiction to that strawberry goodness right there in my hand.

it got prettttyyy serious pretttttyyyy quick.
i was having up to four bottles of the stuff a day. now let me tell you something, that stuff is sugarrryyyy and not too good for you when you have that much of it.

i only have it on 'special occasions' now, once or twice a month when biscuit lets me indulge.
what a crazy ass life i am living here!
i'm not 100% sure why i felt the need to mention that, so am just gonna roll with it, think of it as a little heads up, yeah, so soz...
moving on...

it was at this point, after our drinks, as we took a stroll along the thames, that me and holly noticed a ride.
naturally we ran over, like excited school girls and it was maybe the most fun we have ever had.
we screamed, flailed our arms, had tears streaming down our faces and we loved ever second of it!!

i feel like those last two pictures need some explaining... this 'body' was outside the tate modern, 'art' as it were. me and holly got straight up there pointing out various parts of his anatomy.

holly was fab at this, i was pretty crap.

after our stroll we felt we all deserved another drink. prosecco was on the cards.

the oxo tower was our bar of choice. look at how handsome those boys are...

and that was the end of our adventure...
it was a pretty good adventure if you ask me.