thursdays are for random thoughts.

28 June 2012

//thought number 1
for biscuits birthday i co-ordinated a collection for his present.
his present was an iPad.
i have since been bumped down on biscuit's 'list of favourite things' to spot number 3.
games and his iPad are currently ahead of me. this pisses me right off.

//thought number 2
i have re-discovered a love for LUSH products.
as pay back for being bumped down on 'the list', i have since tried all of the LUSH products in the set that i gave to him as a gift.
i love re-discovering things. sorry biscuit.

//thought number 3
i have spent every lunch time this week outside.
this is where i go to sit; the Saatchi Gallery, looks gorgeous huh?

//thought number 4
a few weeks ago i cut gluten out of my diet and i have been feeling a lot better for it.
there are still times when i have a small bit of cake or a cheeky biscuit, but on the whole i have really surprised myself with how easy it has been.
i mean come on, look at how nice my lunch was today!!

//thought number 5
my colleague sylwia bought me in a little gift today...

how utterly adorable is that???
i am so thankful that i work with such a lovely person.
in these last 6 months or so she has really become a good friend to me and she really is one of a kind!

//thought number 6
i have realised i have a complete obsession with painting my nails.
a while back i made it my goal to grow much nicer nails and as this is going uber well, i have become obsessed with painting them.
it is not uncommon for me to paint them upto 3 times in one week.

this is my colour for today and tomorrow.
i will re-paint them a more 'weekend' colour on friday night.
see? obsessed.

//thought number 7
i really do love living in london.
you see things like this.

and don't even bat an eyelid.

//thought number 8
i love grainy, black and white photos from nights out.
i mean honestly look at all of our faces in the picture below.
would be much worse in a hi-def color photograph!!

//thought number 9
i am so incredibly thankful for such a wonderful family and such gorgeous friends.
on the other hand i am super jealous that my sister gets to spend so much time this summer with my mum and dad and wendy and little oscar.
totes jealous.

//thought number 10
i am really excited to have a weekend that involves no plans.
and i will leave you today with a cute picture of my main man with his favourite giraffe's.

love joebeff

morning people?? i am NOT one of those people.

27 June 2012


noun /iˈpifənē/ 
epiphanies, plural
The manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi (Matthew 2:1–12)
A manifestation of a divine or supernatural being
A moment of sudden revelation or insight

i had one of these 'epiphanies' yesterday morning.
(the sudden revelation type, not the Christ manifestation type)

"i remember you telling me once that you're a morning person.

i can safely say that you are most definetely not.

quite the opposite in fact."

(quote; biscuit @ 7:45am, tuesday 26th july 2012)

there it was. the so called epiphany.
i had always had the impression that early risers = morning people.
in my world because i am an early riser it meant that i must be a morning person.

it was as those words tumbled out of his mouth that i realised i was wrong and he was right. 
it felt like someone had punched me in the face.
it was obvious.
i am an evening person

there are a few reasons why i am not a morning person...
/ even the slightest things that don't go my way in the morning annoy the shit out of me.

/ this annoyance can last for the whole morning.

/ my body feels achey in the morning and it refuses to do yoga to make it feel better. 

/ i am much more prone to feelings of anxiety, stress and sadness in the morning. 

/ even if i am out of the door 8am, all dressed and wearing a full face of make-up, i am not properly awake till about 10am. this goes for being on an early shift and leaving at 7am. ouch. 

/ stupid people on my morning commute can send me into a blind rage. 

and here are some reasons why i am an afternoon/evening person....

/ i am simply a much nicer person.

/ i have a far greater tolerance for idiots and commuters. 

/ i dont get those annoying feelings of anxiety, stress and sadness.

/ i love to practice yoga in the evenings. it helps me unwind, relax and stretch out from the day.

/ i am much more productive; i can eliminate a tonne of things off my to-do list with pure ease.

/ i tidy the flat much better and much faster in the evening (compared to when i tidy in the morning and this has only happened on one occasion.)

/ i laugh a lot and love being silly. 

(Source: Harvard Business Review (July-August 2010) pg. 31)

i had never before thought about myself in this way and let me tell you this,that epiphany has changed my life - albeit i only had it yesterday, but this is my blog and i can make grand claims if i wish!

now i am aware that i am definetely an evening person it means that i can adapt my way of thinking in the morning in order to try to create a more placated, nicer and happier version of joebeff. 

i promise to make a conscious effort.
and hopefully that will tone down 'the crazy'....

don't you just hate it when your boyfriend is right? 

last night i had a lovely evening, getting organised, list making, practicing yoga, having a lovely long shower, painting my toe nails, having dinner, drinking tea and of course...enjoying a few cheeky maltesers.

it was lovely lovely lovely. 
(i believe that the repetition was needed there as it was THAT nice.

come to think of it.. there is one little thing however that does make me smile in the mornings...

kisses on the head from my biscuit. 

hope you are all having a nice humpday!!
love joebeff xxxx

my lovely weekend.

26 June 2012

biscuit turned 25 last friday.
we had a really lovely weekend to celebrate this.
(even though i was ill with a nasty kidney infection and up to my eyeballs in antibiotics and painkillers, yuck)
here is a little sneak peak of what we got up to. there will be more coming a little later...
oh the things i do to keep the suspense!

i must confess that i spent a great deal of my weekend in bed (not out of choice mind you), painting my nails (a bed-ridden girl has to keep herself occupied), eating maltesers, drinking lots of tea and making a right old mess of our little flat.

p.s love you biscuit....more than anything...
Joebeff x

boys - this post is not beauty related. MY LIFE LATELY.

20 June 2012

my life lately.
with lots of filters layered over the top.

thank you instagram and cross process for making me and the rest of the world look markedly more photogenic.
we much appreciate your effort.

look at how much he is enjoying us loading him up like a buckaroo!

back to reality. i am sure he is creating a list in his little kitty brain of all these things we do to him.
his payback is certain.

last weekend was a really busy one actually, i saw my friends friday night over many a few glasses of vino. saturday was spent with biscuits family in westfield where we enjoyed some shopping and amazing food at Byron. sunday was Fathers Day so i had a little trip to Colchester to spend some time with dad, my sis and wendy.

all in all, what i like to call a successful weekend.

that coffee was very much needed after my alcohol fuelled friday night.
you can see the hangover in my eyes.

i have been known once or twice to pull what people call the 'duck face'.
i don't know why i do it, i just do.
i will continue to do this as i recently found out my sister hates it.

i would also like to point out that my sister makes this face ALL THE TIME.

but do i say anything even if it ANNOYS THE HELL OUT OF ME????


but then again i am much nicer than her....

my thoughts regarding the above pictures -

1.// i considered that i maybe needed new jeans. that thought lasted only 5 seconds as soon as i remembered they are my comfiest jeans.

2.// last weekend i experienced both the best BBQ food ever (cooked by my lovely daddy) AND the best milkshake that exists in the world (made by Byron - the restaurant). you can find the milkshake at westfield shopping centre and my daddy in Essex.

3.// how cute is my mom?

4.// how cute is goblin? this picture was taken literally seconds before he stuck his entire head in the glass. rofl.

5.// no-one told me that Lambrini actually tastes nice. and at £1.40 a bottle, i consider it my new recession busting drink of choice.

6.// how cute is my outfit? thank you so much caroline for treating me!!!

okay, so that concludes my boy-friendly post...
i also promised fridya night that i would name a post 'biscuits melting in the sun' for Melly; it is being drafted i promise!!

enjoy wednesday my lovelies,

Warning boys - this is a beauty post.

19 June 2012

isn't feedback fun??


'i like reading your blog, although when i realise that your post is all about girly stuff i just click right off it, i like the ones with the pictures and what you have been up to stuff'


'oh i loved your post when you mentioned about all the girly products you use, i am totally going to go get that nail polish. please write more.'

cant please everyone.
won't try.

i feel like writing one of those girly posts today, so boys you can click away now....
go find something geeky and manly to do.

for all you girls, here are my favourite products...

//my fav foundation

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
benefits - 15-hour staying power, spf 10
coverage - medium to full, buildable
finish - semi-matte

having worked in beauty and front of house positions for the past 5 years, i have tried pretty much all the long lasting formulas of foundation out there and i have always come back to this one.

i need and want something that is no hassle.
this gets applied at 6.30am in the morning and doesn't need touching up at all throughout the day.
i havent ever found anything that lasts as long as this.

nothing compares.

the key to this foundation is to use a good serum and moisturiser underneath it.
i cannot stress this enough!!

the foundation itself is not moisturing and your skincare is what will give the make-up a nice cushion to sit on...
(but anyway who in their right mind uses a foundation to solely moisturise their skin???)
speaking of moisturising the skin....

// my fav skincare
i have one word for you; Clarins
during the 3 years that i worked for Clarins i really got to know their products and have continued to use them solidly since i left. (roughly a year ago now)
these are the Clarins products that i love

i used to hear it all the time; why is my skin not clear, why do i get this, why do i have that...blah blah...

9 out of 10 times the problem was not cleansing the skin properly.
it's a no brainer really, especially when you live in a city.

whether you prefer using water (like i do) or a cleanser and toner, it doesnt really matter.
what matters is that you find a cleanser that suits your skin and you use it!

i use the Pure Melt Cleansing Gel in the morning and the Gentle Foaming Cleanser (for dry and sensitive skin) in the evening.

the Pure Melt Cleansing Gel is a triple-texture gel that transforms into an oil when massaged into dry skin; melting away excess oils, heavy make-up and impurities. the addition of water transforms the oil into a silky milk that rinses skin clean.

firstly, i like the fact that you put it on to a dry skin. it changes things up a little bit.
secondly, i find it really beneficial to massage my face in the morning, get that nice glow!
thirdly, it rinses off clean without leaving the skin feeling tight and dry. a must for dehydrated skin.

the other cleanser, the Gentle Foaming Cleanser, is a creamy mousse takes away make-up, pollutants and grime without disturbing skin’s natural moisture balance. it also neutralises the drying effects of hard water, which is a bonus if you live in balham!

it lasts for ages and doesnt sting your eyes - none of that red-eye, fumbling around for a towel business here ladies!!!

i understand you may ask why i use two different cleansers, but i honestly couldnt choose between them both if i had to. they both do the same thing in slightly different is just a personal preference!

moving on to that serum and moisturiser i was talking about earlier...

if you have a de-hydrated skin (most of us are de-hydrated to some extent) this range is amazing... these two products are my favourites from the extensive range.

the HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase is a really good one to immediately hydrate the skin, your skin will literally go 'aaaaaaah' when you put this one on.

you must shake it to mix the two phase's together and then usually two squirts is enough to smear all over your face and neck...

it is about £40 a pop, which i know is super expensive on a budget, but it really does moisturise much deeper down into the skin to restore it's natural hydration and as you use considerably less of moisturiser as a result.
my serum lasts me about 2 or so months on average depending on the time of year!

my daily moisturise is the HydraQuench Rich Cream. it is a thick, soothing cream which counteracts skin irritation and tightness and can be used day or night time.
i will say this again for the record, it is a thick cream.

((if you prefer light textures, try the HydraQuench Cream for normal to dry skin))

my skin seems to love this rich texture. it really comforts it, making it feel like it has a protective bubble over it, protecting it from all the horrible stuff out there.

at £33.50 is isnt the cheapest moisturiser ever, but a pot lasts me at least 3 months.

i use both these products day and night continually throughout the year.
((on holiday in a hot climate i switch to the lotion version of this cream))

----totes just realised it sounds like i am being sponsored by Clarins here...but i promise i am not, i just genuinly love these products!

these two are my favourite weekly treats.
the Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream and the Blue Orchid Treatment Oil. 

i like to think of these two as my sunday treats.

the exfoliator is a really nice gentle, yet effective product. 
it gives that feeling of a good old deep clean, but never irritating the skin as some scrubs do.

with the Blue Orchid Treatment Oil i tend to slather it on after i have exfoliated to add just that little bit more hydration. you can never be hydrated enough ladies. i only use this before i go to bedwell its an oil and no-one wants to walk around with an oily face do they?

well that concludes my nice girly product based post...was longer than i expected it to be so thanks for reading it all!!

Just to round things off nicely here is a completely unrelated picture of me, my sister and my dad from Fathers Day... 

the look on my dad's face is priceless...

I hope this post hasn't been too long or boring, if you have any questions etc etc, just fire me an email on

Love lots 
Joebeff x

A day of sorts // Nesting

13 June 2012

it is the smallest things that can make me happy.

it might be a new pair of shoes, a new bag, or the way that biscuit kisses my forehead most mornings on our morning commute. it could be the way goblin follows me around some days, getting himself all wrapped up between my feet. it may be something as simple as having a cup of tea and some chocolate in bed while watching some tv.
today it has been that unusual mixture of things that have made me happy.

one of those days when if all those random bits didn't happen all in that one would have been like any other day.

i call a day like today, a day of sorts.
calm and centred happened to me today, and if i am to be honest, this hasn't happened to me all that much recently.

but this morning as the sun shone through our curtains, and i enjoyed cuddles with goblin and biscuit. i just thought that today i might just have my shit together.

i have never been one to just sit and wait for things to happen to me.

once i have made my mind up, i go out there and i do things to change what i do not like. i go out there guns blazing.

and that is what i did today. i made my mind up and went out and done something about it.
i made some good decisions today and took some pretty big steps to making things happen.

tonight as the boys watched the footie in the living room, i set up my own little nest in bed...with that aforementioned cup of tea, some naughty chocolate treats and some good tv.

i let all of today and its nice positive thoughts and happenings wash over me.

i didn't sit and think about what i am going to do next, or what i have to cross off my never ending to-do list. i just sat, all wrapped up snugly in my duvet, knowing my best friend was close by and didn't think. i was just me. the stripped down version of me. the relaxed and smiley version of me.

i took a night off from being 'too hard on myself' (biscuits own words there)

and o my it was a lovely evening.

but what i love most about today is that i now have my biscuit lying next to me and asking me if he can have my attention now.

night night, sweet dreams,
joebeff x

hipster moments of late..

12 June 2012

enjoy your tuesday, more hipster photo's will be on their way tomorrow..