30 May 2012

biscuit and i travelled back to essex last weekend to spend some time with my sister who just literally moved back to england and my mom.
here are all the silly things us two got up to..

as you might tell by the pictures in this post me and my mom are silly.
really silly.
sister on the other hand does not participate in activities like this.

she looks on with utter dismay with a 'look at what fools you are making of yourselves' look.

((for reference...this dance is called the happy chicken dance and you must put all your effort in to it otherwise you will look stupid. ))

are you wondering why we are in a random car park executing this incredibly fun dance?? my mom owns, runs and lives in a pub. she does an amazing job however her poor little pub was flooded and as a consequence is closed for the next 2 months while everything is ripped out, dried and then re-fit.

as the pub is closed it means we have the whole car park and beer garden for ourselves.
endless fun i say...

saturday i had my hair cut for the first time in about a year!
so bizarre to have shorter hair but i do love it..
what do you think?

i wont keep rambling on but here are the rest of the pictures taken...gorgeous people huh?!

((i promised sister that i would not put that very last picture of her up however i think it is hilarious and makes me laugh every time. i mean honestly LOOK AT HER WEIRD LEG...looks like her leg was misplaced or something..claw foot...))

SO on a completely unrelated/kind of related note i was over at Living in Yellow, reading the hilarious musings of Erin and i came across this post.

it is packed full of the most amazing little tips!
it was here that i discovered Pic Monkey.
all these pictures on this post were put together there, so a huge thank you Erin!

anyway, i hope you all had a lovely weekend and a good start to the week!
Joebeff x

wishing my life away?

25 May 2012

there i am playing on my shiny new iphone on the way to work and i get a text from biscuit.

'I have decided that when we both retire, we are heading to america and chilling out in the sun all day'

my heart skipped a beat and i got butterflies in my tummy. here is a man who wants to spend the rest of his life with me. little old me.

me with the crazy obsessions and the ability to over-complicate everything.

me the person who could spend days trawling around Boots reading the labels of every convievable product, just because.

me who will dance around the flat in the silliest way in the hope that biscuit will join in - he usually always does.

me. i am the person that he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

since when did i get so lucky?

we are all told to live for the moment.
but when i get a text like that?
all the will power in the world couldn't stop me from looking forward at what could be.

that moment when he asks me to be his wife. the day i actually become his wife. our honeymoon travelling the world. that moment we sign on the line to buy our first house. when we have our first, second and third child and the years ahead of us as a family with our little goblin and a big dog called. sending off the kids for their first day at school. the christmas holidays with our families. our children moving out of home. retiring together to a sunny corner of america. growing old and looking back on our wonderfully blessed lives.

i dont care if you think that i live in a fantasy world but i am allowed to dream and thoughts like this define me and the kind of person i am.
it reminds me that he loves me back in the same way.
i may only be 22 but i know what makes me happy.

happy friday lovelies.
remember to dream big.

Some random things I am currently in the swing of doing.

24 May 2012

This post is going to be a mixture of many things as I am in one of those moods today. You know one of those indecisive annoying moods?

so here is part 1...//
I have a confession to make...
I nibble.
On my nails.
I know, I know, it is a horrible habit and one that I am not proud of.

For the last few months though I have gotten much better at biting my nails and they are looking really healthy.

The only problem is that as I no longer am allowed to bite my actual nails (my boss threatened to buy a whip to hit me with if she saw me biting them) I have a tendency to chew at the cuticles and skin around my nails.

For fear of being gross to those with a more sensitive nature...nibbling the skin around the nails can be sore. It looks sore, it hurts to touch, it bleeds, it gets manky and infected. Basically it is horrible.
For the life of me I wish I could stop and generally not be so gross but as I do it without even realising, it tends to be a hard habit to stop.
I have however found a brilliant way of dealing with this gross problem.

dun dun duuuuuuuh....


Who knew that this handy pot of antiseptic healing cream (the clue is in the title) would work such wonders at healing my little fingers???
I have been slathering it on about 3 times a day and it has not only helped the healing process of my poor nails but also dramatically improved the condition of my actual nails.
weird huh?

Definitely got to try it ladies.
I'm hoping I will have the most beautiful hands/nails/cuticles in the land soon!!!!!!
- did i just say 'in the land'???? i am obviously having Game of thrones withdrawal here -

And here is part 2...//
Here are a few snaps of how i have spent the last few evenings in this gorgeous weather we are having here in london...

This is my sisters 'excited face'. Scary huh?? She will probably kill me / find a horrendous picture of me to get back at me for posting this up here. Bring it on.

She gets home today after being away studying geekness in North Carolina for a year.
To say i have missed having her just round the corner is an understatement.
I could just squeal with excitement!! 

This last one is not how I like to spend my thursday morning commute...

I decided to avoid the queue and walk - I mean who wants to be waiting on that platform for 25 minutes?
Not me!!!!

Happy thursday xx

I will have another of those weekends please?

21 May 2012

According to my *sparkly* new iphone my weekend looked like this...

As ben was away for work friday night, goblin was my little sleeping partner..

Waiting for my lift on saturday morning I made a friend. He was on his way to the Queen's party at Windsor Castle and needed help with his army dress suit pins. As a thankyou for helping he let me try on his hat!

Windsor Oakley Court hotel is beautiful. I wish I could live there and have furniture and chairs like this everywhere in my house. Oh to be a millionaire with a stately home!

Saturday night was a truly girly evening filled with prosecco (in true holly and nicola style of course!), dancing around, make-up and hair, giggles and banter!!
Here are about a million snaps from our awesome night.

Aren't these just the most gorgeous girls??? Look how amazing my friend sarah looks all pregnant and glowing!

Yesterday was one of those days where we didn't get out of bed till midday and then didn't move from the sofa until 3pm!

We decided about 4pm that it was time we got some fresh air and had a walk down to tooting broadway - we needed boring things like tea towels and tea bags, a bread knife and fairy liquid.
what an exciting life we live.
Naturally we stopped off at a lovely pub on the way for some much needed tea and snacks and then set off on our travels again.