rowdy von..

27 April 2012

happy friday!!
i hope you have all had a lovely week?

for me this week has been a wierd combination of exciting, average, fast, slow, busy and boring all at once. if that is even possible?

wednesday night we went for dinner with biscuits mom, his 'broheims' (don't ask, its their word for brothers!), harriet and one of harriets work friends.
it was a lovely evening with plenty of food, a few drinks and a good old natter!

last night however was not such a lovely evening and i wont go into too much detail, but i reduced myself to tears because none of my 'going out dresses' fit me anymore. it was awful but biscuit was amazing with me though, he is the worlds best boyfriend though so i don't know what i expected?
the worst thing about my mini-meltdown was that i am not unhappy with my figure/weight/appearance. i simply couldn't believe nothing fitted me anymore and hadn't realised how my body shape has changed and become more 'womanly'.

enough said and the silver lining means i get to buy myself a new dress to wear for tomorrow night.

anyway, sorry about that detour there. back to the point i was going to make about how incredibly excited i am to go away to brighton this weekend - it has come around so fast, and i really can't imagine better people to go away with!

so in total there are 12 of us going and we are staying in a hostel in the middle of brighton.
surprisingly i am fine with the 'sharing a room with 11 other people thing', it is the 'shower situation' that i don't like.

i like having a nice hot shower. i like not having to worry about who has stood in there before me. i like being able to spend time exfoliating, washing my hair, shaving my legs before a night out.
i do not like hostel showers.
o well, time to 'man up'. yay.

for this weekend us girls are coming prepared - we have been co-ordinating via a girls only fb thread working out who needs to bring what, hairdryers, straighteners, mirrors..etc, etc, the list goes on! the things us girls have to do eh? and more so i am sure the boys haven't thought twice about things like this and will drag themselves out of bed 5 minutes before we are wanting to go out and still make it in time. o to be a simple boy!

at 7pm this evening we will be getting on our little train to brighton and our weekend will start...i expect to be horrendously hungover on sunday but simply don't care one bit!!
have a lovely weekend peoples!
joebeffs x

BRIGHTON. yippeeeee!!

24 April 2012

// this weekend i am going to brighton.

// i am literally so excited i am fit to burst. have been looking forward to this since forever. it will be a rowdy weekend with some amazing people!

// the fact that we are hopefully getting a new fridge soon has made my day. our fridge is barely cold enough to keep food or for longer than a few days. if its not a damp flat then sure enough itwould be a warm fridge to make me even more OCD.

// i have been really good these past few days that i am crossing things off my 'to-do list' at an incredible rate. it makes me feel like a little smug bug.

// sometimes i could scream with frustration at the lack of sunlight or fresh air i am denied because of my job. my body actually craves it when it comes to the weekend..

// i am slowly becoming more and more addicted yoga and the benefits that i feel after doing it. i am trying to do at least 20mins every day or every other day which helps make my body feel less like it has been scrunched up on a chair all day! there are worse things to be addicted to i suppose?

// i am getting more and more panicky about what to wear out this weekend...oh the decisions! on a related note, anyone who wants to buy me a new dress that fits properly...feel free!!

// i am really really really looking forward to our holiday in italy this summer.

// we have arranged a cat sitter to come and look after goblin this weekend. they come over a few times a day, feed him, clean up after him and play with him for a while. i am a teeny weeny bit worried but at the end of the day i have to remind myself that these are complete professionals who are CRB checked and all professed animal lovers. im sure it will be completely fine. eek!

// my day is going pretty slowly. hurry up week..i have places to go, people to drink with!!!

have a lovely day all..!

a few G&T's...

22 April 2012

I enjoyed a really fun night out with my biscuit last night. We went to a lovely pub called The Regent and had a few too many G&T's. Why not eh?? We can spend all morning in bed, get up when we like and have a cheeky breakfast when we feel like it..which is precisely what we plan to do today!!

Have a lovely sunday!

life lately...

21 April 2012

According to biscuits phone..

the adventures of goblin

20 April 2012

Oh to have goblins life...its the stuff dreams are made of. Let's take a moment to imagine it...

You wake up, have a good old stretch, munch away on some food of that you havent made yourself.
You decide to take another nap as it really is hard being this beautiful.
You arise from your slumber again, decide to play with your little giraffe teddy for a little while. That gets boring..why not try get into your bag of dreamies? Surely it cant be that hard?
Oh wow, apparently it is.

At this point you realise that you have had quite the strenuous morning - nap time, curl up under the bed and float away..

More stretching and clawing away at the carpet/sofa, now more yummy foods.
Why not another play with giraffe and another attempt at that dreamies pack?

You spend the next few hours waiting for your amazing mummy and daddy (that's us by the way) to get home (fyi waiting includes yet more shleeps).
When they arrive home and start speaking to you about their day you will probably take this oppotunity to wind in and out of their legs until they fall over and you can pounce on their laps for some much needed cuddles.
Its the moment you have been waiting for all day.
Gets boring quick though.
'thats enough strokes for me thank you, more scrummy food please'...
You gobble up the scrummy food, have a big old stretch and spend the rest of the evening slouching around with mummy and daddy.

Throughout the night when everyone else is getting into shleepy mode you will prowl around, pouncing at the few little bugs that have had the misfortune to fly through the window.

At this point you are very much awake after all the naps you have had - standard goblin procedure.
Making as much noise as possible, crawling all over the bed and playing with any toes and fingers you can get your teeth into, this is probably the best part of the day.
O my, what fun games you have!
Fast forward a while and add a few cuddles in and then its morning. And it all starts again.

Now wouldn't you just love that life? I think that goblin is the most amazing cat in the world but there might be a little bias in there. He is such a little character and he is a good as a friend as any!!


i'd like to exchange my week please?

18 April 2012

i am just not feeling it this week.

i have started this post roughly 10 times already and even the fact that i cant write anything interesting is annoying me. and i promised myself i wouldn't write a list of my thats that out of the window. hmph...
im hoping that my yoga class tonight will set me straight a little. *fingers crossed*

one good thing happened this week though come to think of it. monday evening biscuit and i made our way to Surrey Quays for dinner with my mom and louise. we had good food, good wine and amazing company. perfects!

so have a lovely wednesday people, i'll be back soon when i have exchanged my mood for a better one.

10 of the smallest things that make me happy

13 April 2012

//1. having those extra cuddles in the morning in exchange for getting up and making breakfast.

//2. date nights with my biscuit, or even just any night with my biscuit come to think of it.

//3. having complete comnversations with Goblin. then remembering he is a cat, and therefore is unable to answer. im sure everyone with a cat does it so it doesnt bother me too much..

//4. being surprised by my friend Susan for lunch on thursday, made my day!

//5. a clean flat - not that mine is clean at the moment though, o i wish we had a cleaner!

//6. using a new shampoo / body scrub / face wash / foundation / lip stick etc etc for the first time, its a feeling you just can't beat!

//7. realising sometimes that a glass of vino and a chat with my mom can turn my mood right around, even if it is only over the phone.

//8. when biscuit makes up one of his crazy morning songs inserting my name 'joebeff' into the lyrics about 20 times. its the cutest thing. and nearly always possible

//9. biscuits. chocolate and pineapple.

//10. having a silly dance around the flat with my boys. the simple things eh?

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,


sleeping like a baby..thank you yoga!

12 April 2012

last night i slept like a baby.
it was amazing.
i am 100% convinced that the reason i slept so well was the fact that last night i went to a yoga class in Clapham with Antonia of Yoga Yippee.

Antonia was a brilliant teacher, gently guiding and adjusting my unbelievably stiff and inflexible body where i needed it most and leading the class in such a way that was completely accessible and understandable to beginners - there were a few of us in the class!
i walked out with a smile on my face and my body feeling nearly new.
hasten to say i will be going back on a weekly basis!

this weekend biscuit and i have another of our private yoga lessons with Particia of Yoga Siromani. Patricia is a brilliant teacher and has really taught biscuit and i the importance of taking some time to relax and just to enjoy ourselves! we are finding that her lessons are a brilliant way to learn more in depth about the practice of yoga. i am a sucker for learning!

i always feel so calm and relaxed after practicing and have noticed, even after just a few weeks how much my body is beginning to adjust, realign and heal itself.

i think i'm hooked.

this morning biscuit made my day.
he is such a brilliant boyfriend. fact.
he purchased a deal on living social for me and my mom so that we could go and enjoy a luxury mani & pedi together in Knightsbridge!!
to say he put a smile on my face is an understatement.

i could list a million and one reasons why i love him, but im sure you wouldnt all care to sit here and read them all, so lets just he always knows how to make me smile...

here are a few of my favourite pictures of us...

enjoy your thursday and remember to smile :)

back to the daily grind...

11 April 2012

heartbreaking isn't it?
having to go back to work after four days of relaxing, eating, drinking and some more eating...and a little more relaxing...
well i dont know about you. but i am gutted. im like a little kid who had their last cake snatched from them. i know it is wednesday and i only have two more days left till the weekend but i still have the right to sulk! i couldnt even bring myself to write a post yesterday as i was so flouncy...classic Joebeff!

however, on the bright side...
//last night i got to meet up with my gorgoeus friend Laura. we had a lovely catch up over a glass of vino and some pistachio nuts. then i got to hang out with Claire and Krissy at mine for a few hours when i got home. lush.

//tonight i have a yoga class to attend. to stretch, breathe and be calm is all i can think about today.

//this weekend there is yet more yoga involved, a day relaxing with biscuit and then a long overdue night out with Claire and Krissy.

//i have two gorgeous boys that i get to go home to every they are playing around..biscuit sure does like to pretend to eat poor goblin, maybe i should start worrying??

so all in all, this week will go fast. and it will not be super boring and lame. and i will enjoy it with a smile on my face.

there you are, my 'positive mental attitude' practise for the day? check.

as this post has no clear timeline, i am going to roll with it and re-cap what our little family got up to on monday and yes before you ask, it does involve yet more food and drinks.

we made our way back to the big city early moday morning with Dean in tow. as soon as we got home we settled Goblin back in and i unpacked with lightening speed (it is a most useless talent of mine). we then continued our journey west across to Stamford Brooks to spend some time with Bens brothers and Harriet...

Harriet made a delicious lasagne and some heavenly chocolate cornflakes cakes.

we watched ZombieLands and then played a zombie board game. it was a rather complicted game but i had biscuit on my side and we won. it was not down to my amazing skills or talent as i didnt know what was going on about 90% of the game.

we then had a few cheeky pints down at the local pub...

hope you all have a lovely wednesday...

easter bunny..

8 April 2012

i've eaten a HUGE amount of food this weekend...
these easter treats being only a few of the naughty things i had. im convinced my uniform will be a little tight on tuesday when i go back to work.

today was spent at jojo's. eating yet more food and drinking yet more vino. seems to have been a running theme this weekend, dont you think?

tomorrow morning will be an early start, heading back to london to see biscuits brothers , along with his cousin dean. carting all of our new clothes and shoes, along with a little goblin will be fun im sure. a day spent with sam, alex, harriet, dean and my biscuit will be worth it though..

im missing my family a tonne at the moment.
i want to go for afternoon tea with my mom at the garden centre. i really miss laughing and cackling our way through pots of tea and slices of cake. i miss being around someone who knows me better than myself and making me realise that with her unconditional love i can achieve anything.

i miss my dad because even just the thought of him makes me smile and realise that it is not only my mom who loves me unconditionally but him too. he always tells me he is proud of me and i am so proud to call him my dad.

i miss my sister because even though we have a hard time sometimes and dont always see eye to eye, i can always count on her to be there with a cheeky smile on her face and usually some master plan to make me have a good time.

i miss wendy and the way she always looks out for my dad. i miss having a few too many glasses of wine with her and laughing at simple things like the way my dad always starts a conversation with 'did you know.....'
i miss my nan and grandad because they are just the sweetest, nicest people i know. i love the way that they literally have hearts of gold and would move the world for my mom if she needed it. not that she would ask!

i miss my oma and my grandad, and wish that he hadn't left this earth so soon...god rest his soul.

i miss all my fabulous uncles who i dont get to see often enough. always up for a laugh and always the life of the party. without a fail, trust me.

i miss my best friends beth, susan and sarah. because they are always there, regardless of whether it has been a few days, a few weeks or a few months since we spoke. friendships like that are precious.

i miss you all, and love to you all..

Easter weekend full of sunshine and giggles..

7 April 2012

so far this easter break has been wonderful.
we arrived at about half 10 thursday night, sleepy and excited, after getting little goblin all sorted we passed out in bed.
after an epic long sleep on my part - a full 12 hours, which is unheard of for me - we woke up rather refreshed and headed to the Campbells to see biscuits aunts/uncles/cousins.
a few cups of tea and some munch later we headed into maidstone in the afternoon for some shoppage and appreciated the gorgeous sunny weather - who knew it was going to be that nice?? no-one told me and i came in my full winter coat, fail -

biscuit used a fair deal of the vouchers he got for christmas and bought some pretty sexy clothes.
i bought about 4 pairs of cheap summer shoes and some statement bold jewellery. not my usual style but why not try some new things eh?
we stopped for a cheeky coffee break and refuelled for Zara round 2.

in the evening we had a bottle of champagne, watched some films, laughed a lot and then opened the bottle of red and laughed some more.

i couldn't ask for anything more.
hope you are having a fab easter too..