would absolutely kill for a hot chocolate.

30 March 2012

home by 9.30 on a friday night,
snuggled up with goblin,
pj's on already,
fingers and toes painted a beautiful moss green,
gonna have a nice long, relaxing shower, shave and scrub those limbs,
put on some scrumptious Clarins face oil and slide in to bed and enjoy a cuddle with biscuit.

on a separate side note, goblin cracks me up when he struts around with his little tongue out....nothing makes me giggle more.

i would also honestly love a hot chocolate now...u think i am going to get biscuit on the case...he really does heat the milk much better than me!

have a lovely weekend everyone...xx

mixtures of both...

unfun -being in the office when it is sunny and gorgeously lovely outside
having a biscuit who is stressed because of work
having a biscuit who will have to work over some of our weekend together
having a sore back as i am trying to strengthen all the muscles in my back. it is seriously hard work
the fact that my feet cannot catch a break people!! if it is not high heels giving my mammoth blisters its my fecking trusty flipflops
wanting to live a life of holidays and lounging in the sun with my biscuit, but the last time i checked i was not a millionaire... *hmmmph*
fun -
seeing my best friend sarah tonight, we are always floating around in the same city with busy lives and i treasure every time i get to see her
living in the best city in the world
not having to wake up at 6am tomorrow morning, although my body clock usually objects and does it anyway
going to yoga with bicuit tomorrow, we both need it and i cant wait
seeing the girls from Clarins last night - i miss them all tonnes...
things i categorically must do -
arrange some nights out with some people
arrange our easter break, it was like christmas came at once yesterday when i remembered that in this job i actually get bank holidays off!
buy and send my sisters birthday present/card to her, hopefully she will get it in time for her birthday
little things that make me smile -
having my little goblin run around and make little squeeking sounds when he has his crazy half an hour skits - he doesnt meow bless him, only squeeks.
having friends that mean the world to me
having a family i will do anything for, they are all amazing people
feeling like every day bens family are becomming more like an extension of my own, they are all so wonderful to me and so so welcoming
having a beautiful flat that is not only dry, mould free and problem free but also home
having biscuit say he is proud of me...
here are a few more pictures of the last few weeks as seen by biscuits phone..

wanted to write..

28 March 2012

so i have wanted to write for a good while now but my head has just not been screwed on and finding the time proved far more difficult than i thought it would.

so much has been happening in the flat and i am so used to not having the internet (yes - i understand the irony as i moaned for weeks about this matter) that i didnt feel like writing it as there was so much to do elsewhere.

i wanted to make the flat as gorgeous as possible for biscuit so he felt he had a home finally, somewhere that he wanted to go and spend time, not an in-between home as we have been so used to.. i wanted it nice for biscuit. it turns out this 'home-making' stuff is time consuming. and as much as organising is what i, joebeff do best, it is still knackering.

the flat does look beautiful though..a trip to IKEA at the weekend meant we can add all the little things like plants, and storage (i love my storage) and flowers and shiny new things. and all we need to do now is hang all our pictures! exciting stuff!

on a different note all together, our weekend was amazing and kept telling each other this little fact!

me and biscuit had a private yoga session on saturday and loved it. on a side note - as this session happened before IKEA i am convinced that it was responsible for the complete LACK of arguments all day! (i am sure you are all aware that IKEA is a breading ground for arguments and rarely a stress free environment).
we both felt amazing for it. we met the rest of our weekend stretched, relaxed, smiley and challenged. we booked for this saturday too, eek, and i also bought a yoga mat and dvd to keep practicing at if only i could tear away from the cuddles with goblin and biscuit in the mornings and practice before work i would be perfect.

we had an gorgeous dinner with friends saturday and then slept for a full 12 hours - i could not believe the time sunday morning, and kept thinking that little goblin had grown thumbs and fiddled with the clock! apparently i needed the sleep though!

sunday was spent relaxing, walking, a cheeky drink at the avalon, a cheeky burger king - dont judge - and then the hunger games with holly and rick. sheer perfection.

i am excited about tonight, i get to see Krissy and Claire and enjoy some time with them - it feels like ages.

i am excited about tomorrow night, seeing the girls from Clarins and enjoying a cheeky drink and then friday i get to see the beautiful Sarah.

i love my boys, i love my family and i love my friends, i love my flat...and i love the weather in london at the moment!

i hope you all have a really wonderful day.. :)

according to my camera...

26 March 2012

these are but a few of the things i have been up to in the last few months;
a trip across seas to visit my sis,
a few lovely weekends with my family,
drinks, cackles and quelf with some great friends,
some cocktails and giggles with the work girls...

apparetly i dont have time...

22 March 2012

ive been busy...

and i havent been able to blog for what seems like a while now (im aware in my head it seems longer) and i am finding it quite upsetting and im sorry...

the flat is slowely getting there - a trip to ikea this weekend will help the process!!
the job is good
the goblin is good if not a little rowdy sometimes
our weekends have been busy and a little crazy with not a lot of 'couple time' therefore i have felt seriously sleep deprived this week
our familes are well and healthy
tomorrow is Krispy Kreme day at work - yum yum in my tum!

there will be a mamouth post of pictures coming soon - thinking im going to get the biscuit to help me with that, and i hope you all like the layout.


9 March 2012

thank f**k its friday, thats all i have to say. well there is a lie if there was ever any. i always have something more to say...
today has been an odd day and it is literally not even 10am! to say i did not want to leave biscuit in bed this morning is an understatement. seeing him lay there with his arm thrown over his face is simply the cutest thing to me in the world. well that and having goblin up in my face demanding cuddles and attention.
this morning at 7am i thought i was going to have an epic 10 hour long day, working 8-6 on a friday is poop. in the end after some drama hiccups i get to work my usual hours 8-5, with the person i want to and as a result of this i have time to go for a glass of wine with the work people after i have finished. now that is how a friday can turn itself round!

the rest of my evening will be suitably exciting also...

after my works drink (i promise i will leave at 7pm) i will head home, shower and re-wash my hair (yes i know it is bad to wash it too much but i just love showers and having big, clean, twiddlable hair). i will then do my make-up all fancy, drinking a glass of pink wine, probably listening to pink and the white lies while i prance around half dressed, having a giggle with my biscuit! once i finally decide what dress and shoes to wear - im sure this will not be a drama free scenario with zero strops - we will head out to the bright lights of london town and meet some good friends and laugh our little socks off at the comedy store till the early hours of the morning. this will most probably involve a bottle of proseccco and some gossips with the holly. what more could a girl want??

after 5 days of feeling shit and not being able to go to yoga i am feeling much better and cannot wait for my 3 day weekend and to be able to go to yoga again...

have a lovely day, and a beautiful weekend, smile and be happy x

needs in my life

7 March 2012


more lemsip, i cant be bothered getting this cold properly

some maltesers

a cuddle from biscuit

more daytime dresses in my life, ones that dont shrink

to feel well enough to go to yoga again...gutting

to be able to style my hair up for work and feel comfortable doing it

more cuddles from my biscuit

goblin getting in my face for some attention

to clean the bathroom - its been annoying the shit life out of me for 2 days

my bed

to put a date in my diary to next see my friends Beth Richard(he hates it when i call him that),Susan,Chaps,Sarah,Laura,Clancy,Kat,Tracey..the list goes on

some lasagne, been craving that for too long now

on the other hand, i have some very exciting things coming up..

three day weekend with my biscuit

looks like we are off to the comedy store friday night with our good friends Rik and Holly

brighton night out in april

clairebear's birthday at the balham bowls club

italy in the summer

my 23rd birthday this year

so happy wednesday x


6 March 2012

good morning world. today i feel terrible. biscuit has given me a cold and all i want to do is schnuggle in bed with goblin and biscuit. boo for no yoga, no fun and a throat which feels like a tennis ball in my throat.
i think it will be some honey and lemon and my bed commencing promptly at 5.30.

i do hope everyone had a lovely weekend though, mine was spent with my mom at her pub. i loved it, and loved spending some quality time with her.

i have the internet as of 8 days!!!! so there will be a flood of pictures coming your way.

im out. love joebeff x


1 March 2012

so i finally bit the bullet and went to bikram yoga again.
now i have had a wierd relationship with commitment when it comes to exercise the past year, i dont know what happened but it was just not a priority for me. why would i go to the gym when i could spend that precious time with my biscuit curled up in bed or on the sofa with biscuits being awesome? i just realised that when it came to it i just prefered spending time with him. and well it was winter and the summer and then winter again so i wanted to naturally do hibernate under my bed covers.

unfortunately eating biscuits and not doing any exercise means that i put on a tiny bit of podge and started feeling well, just crap really. bring a receptionist means that i spend the vast majority of my working day sitting on my bum. all this spells for me feeling yuck and generally grumpy and whiney.

so i finally ignored the wierd irrational thoughts in my little brain and booked myself into bikram yoga last night. i dont know why i suddenly decided but i think im a little addicted.

i tried it twice before ( a long time ago mind) but it didnt feel like this time. maybe this time i just needed it more? maybe sitting down all day, feeling unstretched and, how do i say this, unworked??, is exactly how i needed to feel for so long in order to kick my arse into gear?

i had forgotton though just how much you sweat though. no literally have to witness and experience it to believe it. it feels incredible. and i am not a sweaty person but o my!

today i feel better already, i have a class tonight and it literally makes me so excited. biscuit is proud of me and didnt even recoil when i came home all sweaty with crazy curly out of control hair. now that is love!

on another note, we get the internet again in 12 days time! so all the adventures i have had in the past few weeks can go up.

what are my plans for this weekend you all scream??? well let me indulge!!

im off to see my mom at her gorgeous country pub. im missing her quite a lot as i dont get to speak/see/annoy her as much as i have been used to these past 22 years! damn that pub being so high maintenance. as an added bonus i get to spend time with one of my closest friends Susan on saturday night after ive taken my mom out to dinner! she is such a lovely, gorgeous person all i wish for is that i get to see her more!

so all in all, i am itching to sort the pictures out for my little blog, i cant wait to see my mom on friday night, ive had a lovely past few weekends with my family, im feeling better about taking my body's health seriously (and i dont care btw if you judge i will still eat mad amounts of biscuits and maltesers!) and i am excited to start putting all of our lovely art on the walls soon. oh i am enjoying my job too by the way.

the sun is shining here in London and i feel happy.

happy thursday x