Too hungover/tired to think of a witty blog post title..

7 December 2012

This post comes courtesy of my stonking hangover.
Thank you Christmas party.
I take no responsibility WHATSOEVER for its content or photos.
Prosecco and mojitos can take the wrap for that instead.
As you can tell we were all had a great time...and are all pretty darn tired today.
I took a taxi home and then proceeded to bash around the flat trying to take my make-up off while Ben filmed me. Ass.
I am sure I was still a little drunk when I woke up this morning and Alex summed up how I felt pretty nicely:
Even the weather seemed to channel my mood:
Tonight will be spent putting the decorations on the tree (poor naked tree), hanging out with Alex & Ben, eating lots of pizza and generally being super lazy.
I am excited. What are your plans??
Now if you'll excuse me I need to go crawl into a hole somewhere and get my shit together.


  1. looks like a fun time!! feel better chicky :) xo

  2. Looks like you had a great time have fun decorating your tree!

  3. hahahahahahaha!! Literally love this so much!


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