Ping in Earls Court. Too much fun.

11 December 2012

Earls Court.
Easily the best bar I have ever been to.
I went with one of my girlies Susan for some drinks and dinner a few weekends ago..
This place has literally everything you could want from a watering hole.
Weird candle holders??
Wine? Cocktails??
To die for pizza??
(what? we were there!)
In fact we did remark on more than one occasion how good looking everyone was in there.
Single?? Book now. Seriously.
And the obvious....
Ping pong??
You can even play the whole 'lets chase the ping pong ball around for about an hour because we are really shit at this' game.
Side note 1: I am sure Susan would like me to say at this point that she is much better at me at ping pong. This would in fact be lies. I am MUCH better. And I even have all these fancy schmancy moves to show off with to try and impress people.
Side note 2: What I just wrote in side note 1 was lies. Susan was much better at me.
Londoners, you should head there.
Just make sure to put your name down for a ping pong table as soon as you arrive. And have a strawberry bellini. And a pizza.
Oh and prepare to laugh. Because we did.
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  1. Ping pong and pizza? I'm sold!

  2. Pizza Pizza Pizza , obvious to die for :D
    I found your blog through Followers to friends blog hop . I'm a new follower :)
    Noor @Noor's Place

  3. OMGTHEPIZZA. It looks so good!

    I'm coming to England asap. ASAP.


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