Christmas stuffs...

19 December 2012

1. Most of our Christmas presents have been bought and wrapped! Goblin does a fantastic job of guarding them all. Either because he knows that there is a present in the pile for him or he is annoyed they are taking up his favourite lounging space.

2. Tonight I am making myself* a yummy Hot Toddy. Sylwia seems to have passed on her sucky cold to me (super thanks lady) and I cannot wait for the moment when I am in the bath, drink in hand, relaxing.

*Ben will probably make this.

3. I love my new jammie bottoms that I got from Sylwia (forgiven now) for Christmas. So. Snuggly.
If I could I would wear them to work. Such a shame I can't.
4. Thank you for all the lovely emails, texts, comments and tweets about my Oma. So lovely of you all.

5. Wanna know a secret? Those jeans that I wore all last week? I wore them all weekend too. I get all sentimental and attached to things like that and pretty much had to be forced to wash them.

6.Reading posts and articles like this, this (favourite blog at the moment), this and this really helped me get into a good head space this morning. Inspiring stuff from some pretty inspiring people.
Go have a read.

7. Favourite quote from this week:
(In the girliest voice Ben does)
"Hi, my name is Joebeff and I like change. If something can be changed...I will change it."
This is so true I can't even explain. Good or bad though?

8. We know how I feel about odd numbers so I will use this point to say Merry Christmas All!!!!!


  1. how cute of goblin! i love your jammies they look so cuddley :) merry christmas to you as well xo

  2. I'm jealous that Goblin guards your presents, instead of ripping them open! I can't put any of my presents under the tree :(

    I hope you feel better - enjoy your bath and relaxing tonight!

  3. Lol my Cat usually attacks the presents and tree instead of guarding it lol BTW I am a new follower, stopping by from the blog hop! I look forward to reading more posts from you! If you would like to follow me back you can visit my blog at

    -Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your Oma. You seem to have some amazing people around you though and there is nothing better in times like this. I hope that your cold clears up in time for Christmas!


  5. I love pajama pants! Those ones look so comfy. Jeans are overrated.

    Sorry about your Oma :/

  6. Hey Nicola - pajama pants are my life. I like yours :) Sending good vibes to your Oma. Newest follower via Followers to Friends! xxx


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