Christmas arrived. Just incase you didn't know.

12 December 2012

Let me just put it out there that I do actually like Christmas.

What I don't like is the STRESS that Christmas brings.
It is everywhere.
We have so many people that we want to see at Christmas that the thought of putting together a schedule that makes everyone happy gives me a horrible knot in my stomach that refuses to go away. There are presents to buy, parties to attend, weekends are jam packed, eating and drinking, complete lack of relaxation and worst of all the weather.
It all makes for a stressed me. And a stressed me is usually a passive aggressive me.
Not cool.
I don't want to be like this. And I certainly don't enjoy it.
So at the beginning of December I was *talked into going to Winter Wonderland with Ben, Sam & Harriet.
(*I was told on the morning, didn't have much choice, probably a good thing)
We had such a lovely day that it made me like Christmas again.
We started off the day with some rather overflowing Hot chocolates (with Baileys - yum) and then moved onto some Mulled wine. What did you expect??
As it was packed and super cold we headed to Harrods to have a wonder. We spent a few hours combing through the Christmas departments (bought my first Harrods Decorations!) and the Fashion floors (bought fuck all!) soaking up the Christmassy vibes.
In Harrods I found this little gem. He stole my heart! LOOK AT HIS FACE!
I want him. (HINT)
After Harrods we went back to the guys flat to watch their Christmas tree go up. Over the years Harriet has amassed quite a collection of baubles and I genuinely don't think I have ever seen her happier than when she was dressing their tree. Being the knobs we usually are we spent a fair amount of time messing around.
The joys of having an artificial tree..
Having such a lovely Christmassy day made me want to (for once) get our decorations started. A week later (a week of having a naked tree) here it is... our Christmas tree.
Isn't it pretty???
p.s Claire, if your reading..what shall we name him?


  1. Yay Christmas! Love this. Looks like y'all have been having fun!

    xo, Emily

  2. You're tree looks perrty! Let's drink wine in front of it.

    Also, You make me want to get new glasses. Freaking trend setter!

  3. Mulled wine sounds AMAZING. Yummmmm.

    What a fun Christmasy day! I love it all. And your tree is gorgeous!

    I don't what the little puff ball is that you found at Harrod's, but you NEED it!


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