Another list as words don't seem to be coming tonight..

4 December 2012

Here are a few things that I probably should do...but probably won't...
Keep on top of the ironing. 
Drink less wine. 
Spend more time alone. Not much of an "alone time" person though, could be a problem.  
Clean more. 
Sleep more.
Sort out the Christmas lights on the tree. I may be a "strong independent woman" but shit me sometimes you just need a man for things like this. 
Sleep some more. 
Watch more "arty" films. 
Write one of those posts of substance. I have it in here somewhere, it's fighting to get out but having the strength to let it pour out my fingers is another thing though... 
Eat less chocolate. 
Write up the million posts I have in drafts. 
Take more pictures. Sorry guys. 
Do this
I am thinking doing this and tears go hand in hand...but I will do this tomorrow night. 
And now my words have well and truly stopped. Sorry guys. My day has really just been that bad. 
Send hugs!


  1. i had a crumby day too, wishing you all the best, girlfriend :) xo

  2. eat less chocolate and drink less wine? you take that back!!

  3. I need to eat less chocolate too, but I've admitted to myself that it's not going to happen during December. Too many yummy treats around!

    Jennie xo |

  4. Hahaha you should see my tree! I'm HORRIBLE with lights and garland. I just can't do it.


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