A trip to see one snuggly baby and one best friend..

3 December 2012

Sarah was my first 'London friend'.
I met her when we were both training as MUA and in the last four or so years since we have had some really good times. She has always been such a fantastic friend to me and I will always have time for her. This last year has been a big one for her as she now has the most BEAUTIFUL son called Hugo!!
For starters Sarah was one glowing pregnant lady...
And then whoosh...look at how lovely he is!! And how gorgeous she is!!
Oh his little cheeks!!
A few weekends ago Ben and I went to Essex for the day to celebrate Sarah's Birthday and to meet Hugo for the first time.
He is a complete dream.
Despite the weather being horrible (really horrible) we had a lovely time. We took the morning to lounge about and get ready then headed out in Balham to pick up some last minute bits to take with us.
We got to Essex early in the afternoon and spent the rest of the afternoon catching up with Sarah, having cuddles with Hugo and seeing her lovely family and friends. We took up a spot in the kitchen with Simon, next to the mulled wine and chatted away for hours! It was so heart warming to see Sarah and Hugo so happy and surrounded by people who love them so much...
Melts my heart.
(and made my ovaries twitch!!!)
(mum and dad, ignore the above comment..)


  1. I need to stop looking at pictures of babies or else my ovaries will explode.

  2. Aww, baby Hugo is so cute, love chubby cheeks. xx


  3. ah we loved your visit and we loved our pressies xx
    cant wait to see you soony xx


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