A girls night out in Clapham...

21 December 2012

Before I lived with Ben, I lived with some lovely girls.  
Two of those girls are now two of the most important girls in my life. Claire bear and Krissy doodles. 
Their stories are not mine to tell but let me tell you..they are two incredible women.
A few Friday's ago we scheduled dinner and drinks in Clapham. A good old, much needed catch up. 
The one thing I miss most about living with them is us all getting ready for nights out together. 
Bustling in and out of each others rooms, borrowing clothes and make-up, helping apply each others fake tan, topping up our drinks, listening to music....the list goes on. 
Now-a-days as we don't live together we improvise. We share the experience via iPhone. 
(Dinner was at 9. These pictures were shared around 8.)

And there we are. All ready and good to go.
This is as close to an OOTD as there will ever be on my blog.
If that ever proves to not be the case you are more than welcome to beat me till I see sense.
Back to the point...our evening begins..
After our delicious feast at The Stonhouse we moved to 64th & Social for some super yummy cocktails and some more OOTD's. I joke, I joke.
Sometimes a girl just needs to hang out with her ladies, have a giggle, talk about boys and enjoy being young and beautiful. (He he)
Most of our fun came whilst waiting for the tube back to Balham. You could say we are easily pleased. That would probably be quite a true statement!!
I have pretty much no idea what we were actually doing at this point but who gives a shit!
It was a perfect December evening. And they are perfect friends. 
Thank you ladies. Here is to 2013 and many more girls nights out. 


  1. That meal looks amazzzzing! The wine, the pasta, the bread. I want it all.

    I've had two roommates too and one was Krista Bear. How funny! Her and I just had dinner this week. I miss living with her bc she was a good cook. Luckily PJ knows his way around the kitchen.

    Oh, I want the olives too.

  2. Oh, I miss one of my roommates.. just one.

    The rest.. not so much.

    But friendship.. Oh I adore it..

    P.S. Amy told me to get on her blog & read the comment you left today.. telling me how sweet it was. And it was so sweet. thank you for saying such a nice thing. I adore my friend, I love that you can see it, and take joy from it.

  3. Aww, you all look like you're having the best time together! Yay for girls nights! <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. Seems like you had an amazing time! You all look great - I especially love your glasses. And those mittens! /flail. xxx

  5. I love how you send each other photos of the getting ready process (what a cute bird!)I've never thought of that. Now when my friends call to ask what I'm wearing I can just snap a pic and send (not that I ever choose until the minute before I walk out the door!)

  6. Oh I miss London nights out sooo much. You look very glam indeed and I am in love your glasses. I need a nice pair of geek chics. Lovely blog too btw :)

    Gemma x

  7. Love a good Girls night OUT!


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