Those are a few of my favourite things.....

2 November 2012

I hate it when people use lyrics as their post titles. Makes no sense to me.
BUT when they are lyrics from The Sound of Music it is okay. Because that film is a CLASSIC.
Goblin sitting in that shoe box like BOSS.
He is my most favourite thing.
Chips are one of my favourite things. Nuff said.
This website made me LAUGH LIKE CRAZY today.
Go check it out, if there is one thing you should do today it is read his stories.
He is officially my hero and therefore David Thorne is one of my favourite things.

This also made me laugh today..
Other people:

..and doesn't it just totally relate to my post title??
BOOM. A lyric title that fits right in. (kinda-ish)
The Sound of Music is one of my favourite things...
Tonight I am going to the Banana Cabaret Comedy night at The Bedford with Ben, Sam, Alex, Harriet and Richard.
Comedy shows, wine, pictures and laughs are some of my favourite things...

I also am going to paint my nails BRIGHT RED as soon as I get home.
Nail polish is one of my favourite things...
Why have I mentioned this? Because I have to have bare nails (yuck) for work and it just sucked the fun right out of my nail painting fetish. So tonight I get to suck/put the fun back into my life.
For me weekends now equal bright red nails.
Side note: I am guessing that 2 glasses of red wine in tonight I will start to moan about this exact thing to the boys and they will stare back at me with a look of 'really...why are you telling us this?'.
I will return the look when the conversation will inevitably turn to football.
FYI that is one of my most un-favourite things.

So that is that...I hope you all have a really awesome weekend!
Especially Sylwia, who has made me laugh and smile so much today!!


  1. hahaha i use lyrics as my titles ALL too often (sometimes it fits, sometimes i just feel like it!!) but i do adore the sound of music- it is, as well, one my favorite things :) happy weekend to you xo

  2. It is a classic I love that movie and that really is the best lunch.

  3. Haven't seen that movie in years!! And your cat is such a cutie!!

  4. I loved that movie growing grandmother had it at her house and I watched it there all of the time!

    Have fun this weekend - drink lots! And paint those nails red.

    Oh, and I love that fries are called chips...always have. I'll be on the next flight to London...

    I wish!

  5. Hey hey sweet friend!! I love the blog design!! Looking good!!! I shall be using a button soon! Hope you have had a great weekend, Sally xoxo

  6. I have never seen The Sound of Music. I'm embarrassed to even admit it.

    I have drank two, four, five glasses of red wine before.. so we have that in common.

    Cranberry red is my fav nail polish color. I let someone borrow my fav one and they never returned it. Now I'm mad at that bitch. I'm gonna get a new even better one!

  7. Stumbled across your blog today and it's so crazy how much you look just like my sister! Had to read through your blog and you are just too cute! Can't wait to read more :)
    xo TJ


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