Things I have learnt about myself (and others)

13 November 2012

Today is for getting back into the swing of life again after such a lovely weekend away in Centre Parcs. Over the past five days I have learnt many things about myself and the lovely people I went with, here are some highlights..
I love playing squash. I have NEVER EVER been 'sporty' and I was completely surprised when I loved squash. Double bonus? I wasn't even half bad.

I also learnt that I look FIT in my squash outfit. Picture above as evidence. Yes we are such goons.

Wearing trainers on three occasions in a weekend does not mean you break out in hives. Who knew??

I discovered Ben is incredibly protective over his pyjama trousers. But let's not get into that.

I learnt that Harriet hates taking shots and it is near impossible to make her do them in one go. I have video evidence of this to come.

...shots out of egg cups? Genius.

I learnt that the ducks at centre parcs are FEARLESS.

I discovered that Sam is a puzzle master.

And that I absolutely ADORE doing puzzles too.
I never did them when I was growing up, that was always Tasha's favourite thing, but this weekend puzzles took a hold of me. I even asked Ben if he could buy me a puzzle this week as I miss the quiet that it brings already. Cheaper than therapy and much more fun? I am there...
(I also think that I might get the award for geekiest blog content ever now. Oh well.)

I discovered that Ben thinks I make a very under standard Zabrovka vodka and apple juice.

Pilates is pretty cool.

Spoons is pretty cool too. Card games, lunging for spoons, shots and giggles is a winning combo.

I discovered that Caroline has the best choice in clothes/bags/shoes even when we are in centre parcs!! She also is a brilliant puzzle mentor. But not so good at spoons.

I learnt that if I hear a noise in the middle of the night and the security light outside goes on, I am DEFINITELY going to make Ben get up and out of bed to check the villa for any 'threats'. Chances are if this happens I will not sleep properly for a good few hours after.

I discovered that Dean cannot be separated from his iPad. But that is okay because he is pretty much our go-to guy for anything tech related. Oh and the fact that he is lovely...and brilliant at dodging shots.

And lastly...I now think that squirrels are cute.
Fat squirrels = even cuter.

There are many more pictures to come but I could just not face sorting them all out last night!!
But do not fear... a centre parcs picture heavy post is coming your way.
Hope you are all having a lovely week??


  1. sounds like a lovely weekend and i think you look great in your 'trainers'... took me a while to figure out what that meant from your last post about them :) xo

  2. OMG that fat squirrel is so cute *who ate all the nuts*! I bet the other squirrels make fun of him :(
    Daniella x

  3. I love that fat squirrel!

    Do trainers = sneakers?

    After reading this post, I've learned you're even cooler than I originally thought :)

  4. Omg look how obese that squirrel is! love it.

  5. Haha this is awesome - I've never played squash but it sure looks like you're having fun! And that squirrel - too much! Over the weekend I saw a squirrel in a parking lot just sitting there eating a bagel! I took a pic - it made me laugh!

  6. I have never known anyone else that knew how to play spoons... My brother's taught me how to play when I was eight months pregnant. And I get stressed out by games easily. It's a wonder baba was overdue haha!

    Amazing post by the way, I love snippets into people's lives!


  7. I have not the slightest clue what squash is (though I HAVE heard of it), other than a vegetable. Judging by the picture, I'm thinking it's like racquetball.

    Holy crap! The squirrel!


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