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14 November 2012

Right at this very moment I am being naughty. Very naughty. I have been told to have a break from 'social media-ing' tonight yet here I am, posting on here!! Woops! 
Tonight I was ordered to spend some time with Ben, relax after my CRAZY day and watch a bit of the Walking Dead... but as Ben is on the phone to his Mum I decided that I just couldn't keep away and I am being sneaky. Hence this post. 
(I am now wandering how much I can ramble on whilst he is in the other room pacing up and down as he does when on the phone. Anyone else find that annoying? Hmmm..)
Tonight I had bangers and mash for tea. It was AMAZING. Yum yum. 
Tonight I used some yummy shampoo which made my hair smell edible.
Tonight I have been that kinda crazy you get when you are over tired. Ben isn't such a fan!!
Tonight I am getting SO into the Walking Dead. 
Tonight I am sure to dream of zombie's.
Oh balls, I have just been caught out.
Now I have to wrap this shit up. In the time that it takes for Ben to make me a cup of tea.
Here is a picture. (courtesy of Tracey-bum). Made me LOL anyways.
Sorry, not sorry, for the complete rubbishness of this post.


  1. Let's discuss The Walking Dead!

  2. Does that mean hot tea or iced tea? I've been on a hot tea kick for a few weeks. It's zero calories. Coffee makes me too jittery.

    I love wine.


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