The importance of the little things..

8 November 2012

There are lots of things that are important to me. Most are the obvious things; my family, Ben, my friends, little Goblin, my job, my health etc but there are some things that are just as important to me but rather....odd.
+ It is very important for me to have my feet covered by the duvet when I am in bed. I may or may not have a completely irrational fear of someone grabbing my feet from under the bed. This someone may or may not be a witch. I blame my Dad for this.
+ It is important for me to have my glasses clean of ALL smudges at ALL times.
+ It is important for me to have certain things tidy. But other things I like to keep deliberately unorganised. Keeps me 'balanced'. Bedroom = tidy. Kitchen cupboards = shit hole. Me = balanced.
+ Change is important to me. Whether it be a new shampoo, a new item of furniture or just to change things up every now in the flat or here on my blog, I feel so stagnant without a little change every now and again.
+ Toast toppings are important to me. Weird I know but since majorly cutting down on my gluten intake (boo for gluten) I have come to savour the occasional toast indulgances. Days like today I just could not decide between marmite or jam. The only logical thing to do in my position was to double  the gluten intake (gasp) and have TWO slices of toast, one with jam on and one with marmite on.
My oh my was it nice. It was so nice that I took a picture for you all.  
And for anyone out there who doesn't like marmite...well you can go do one.
+ Being able to wear pyjamas as much as I like in my free time is VERY important to me.
+ Finding out reasons for weird things that happen is important to me.
A few weeks ago when I was at 'home home' I witnessed something truly extraordinary that I still can't figure out.
Let me paint a picture for you....there I was, enjoying a lovely cup of steaming tea and some yummy chocolate biscuits in my mum's living room when I hear the pitter patter of tiny feet coming up the stairs. Sorry, that was a lie, I meant the loud stomp stomp of my sister climbing the stairs... anyway back to the point. I am sitting there happily chomping away when my sister plomps herself down next to me, turns and says with a smirk 'Look'. So I look. Nothing crossed my mind except 'well you look rough like you just fell out of bed'. Then she turns and faces the other way.
It goes from this...
TO THIS >>>>>
Looking back I am sure that I got some of the biscuit that I was chewing on lodged in my throat at the sight of her hair.
I know what you are thinking. Sex hair. Obviously. But nope, it honestly wasn't that.
For a few weeks now how this happened has been on my mind. How exactly does her hair get like that??! I am convinced that a little munchkin monster came in in the night and backcombed and matted it. There is no other logical explanation. Ideas on a postcard.
Moving on.
+ Chocolate and wine are VERY important to me.
+ This blog is important to me. Taking my blog very seriously however is not important to me. This post is case and point; I have covered toast toppings, witches under the bed and my sisters 'sex hair but not sex hair'. I clearly do not take this whole blog thing too seriously and that is just the way I like it. Filling it up with the thoughts that float around my perdy little brain and the pictures that I would like to look back on one day with fondness. It suits me perfectly and I love it.


  1. Ha ha ha! Your sister's hair is precious! X


    two of my favourite things. not both at once though, how weird would that be.

  3. I so enjoyed reading this! Sleep and feet and people are always interesting...when I get hot I like to stick one foot out of the covers! Strange..I know. All the best - Monica

  4. I woke up one morning with curly hair...I looked like someone barrel curled my hair while I was sleeping. I have a picture I will have to show you!

    People who take blogging too seriously are boring! I'm so glad you're not one of those people :)

    I've never had marmite :(

  5. I can't sleep with my feet poking out from under the duvet, either! I never could when I was a child, then when I was older I watched Paranormal Activity, and that made everything a thousand times worse...

    Marmite is the best thing ever. My boyfriend hates it... Ridiculous! How can anybody hate marmite?! I have it on pasta, sometimes... Mmm, carby. xoxo

  6. Ha this is cute! I can't sleep with my feet under the covers, they have to be out, for me to feel *balanced* :) no idea why, but I immediately feel claustrophobic if they're under the covers.
    Daniella x

  7. This is such a cute post! haha And the feet under the duvet thing... I'm SO glad to hear I'm not the only p*ssy out there who is scared to leave their feet uncovered. hahahahha Followed your lovely blog! xx

  8. I love everything about this post! I too keep my feet under the blankets at all times :)

  9. Chocolate and wine are very important to me too haha! I loved this post! <3

    Jennie xo |


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