sunday opportunities...

29 November 2012

Sunday's have always been one of my favourite days. There is a certain quiet to them that I find doesn't happen any other day of the week. They are one of those days brimming with opportunities to be snatched up. Beware though as these opportunities aren't always obvious. 
Last Sunday I was left to fend for myself for the day when Ben decided to play on his ps3 for the whole day. This scenario paved the way for one of the best Sunday opportunities yet...
He did this:
So I did this:
Priorities in order.
In my opinion it is perfectly acceptable to open a bottle of fine Italian Rose on a Sunday at 1pm. In many respects I positively encourage this behaviour... productivity here I come.
- I cleaned the flat TOP to BOTTOM.
- I sorted out the huge and unruly pile of bags that I keep in the bottom of the wardrobe. This had driven me mad for months.
- I changed the bed sheets. (Long overdue. Please don't judge.)
- I hoovered with our new Dyson. Too exciting.
- I enjoyed my wine. A lot.
- I listened to some of my old play lists from back in the day. This resulted in me dancing around the flat to such songs like 'This is why I'm hot', 'Fergalicious', 'Umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh', ' Hotel' and 'Rockstar'. Not some of my proudest moments but I enjoyed it A LOT.
- I put up the only three Christmas decorations that we have. Our colour scheme this year is red & white. And two of these are tree decorations. Come December, project Christmas!
- I cleaned out and sorted our wardrobe.
- I got rid of a huge pile of clothes that I don't wear anymore.
- I wore yoga pants and a clearly too small top ALL DAY.
- My glass of wine rarely left my hand. That is multi-tasking. Men take note.
- I found that there are three things that can make me instantly happy on a Sunday:
(I wasn't lying about the wine)
- Lastly I made my bed side table more 'me' by throwing a few pictures on the wall and putting my gorgeous silver bear money box out. Isn't he just the cutest??
I highly recommend taking a relaxed Sunday for yourself, pottering around the house, organising and being awesome as a brilliant way to de-stress and de-clutter your mind. Works like a treat.
Crack open the wine this Sunday and enjoy ladies.


  1. I wish I could like Sundays as much as you do. I suffer from this dreadful thing called the Sunday Blues, where I'm in a bad mood all day because the next day is Monday meaning I'm miserable at work all day.

    Your plan might just be the cure, though. I'm jealous of all your productivity!

  2. awww I'm happy for you but you jsut made me feel terrible about myself. LOL Everyday I tell myself "Today is the day... today cleaning is gonna happen!". Oh lies lies. LOL Maybe after reading this I'll kick myself in the bottom and take action! i really enjoyed reading this post, btw. P.S.: You're a hottie! hehe xx

  3. oh my, you were so productive! And all with a glass of wine. I like your style!

  4. i think one of the most benefits i love from being a freelancer is that i don't have to wait for sunday every week to have a tranquil day at home, and that i don't need to feel bad about monday comes. haha

    p.s : i hate it when the boy plays ps all day long.


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