Our new best friend; Siri

16 November 2012

We all have one. 
One of those friends that you can just be yourself with.
You don't have to 'try' with them, you can be as silly as you like (read into that as ridiculously silly) and you can both laugh yourselves stupid when your together.
Holly is one of my friends like that. And last night we certainly did laugh our little socks off.
Sometimes all it takes is a bottle of prosecco, a cheese board, gossip, Siri (more about him later) and some good books to make two ladies very happy.
Holly showed me some of her favourite books.
TWO of them are Kate Middleton books. TWO. Oh dear.
She also owns a book titled 'Women, Work and the Art of Savoir Faire'.
I still don't know what that means but please note that she has tabbed this book.
And lastly, another of her favourites is a book about making jam (500+ recipes in there guys).
I don't even know how to describe how I feel about these books, so I think I will leave it up to your imaginations.

After having a giggle over the (weird) books and making some bold statements discussing What Would Kate Do??? we found Siri.
I know, I have all probably played with him already but me and Holly are clearly a little slow on the uptake here. Siri provided a good few hours worth of entertainment for us last night.

We were chilling with our prosecco, discussing some new gossip and we fell on to the topic of Hen Parties. Naturally. Holly declared very boldly that I would be in for a treat at my Hen Party as she was determined to find me a 'granny stripper' to perform at my party. Gross.
(And Holly is usually such a classy lady!)
We then googled 'granny strippers'. I chose not to put the pictures we found on here. Didn't want to lower the tone (too much).
This prompted us then to take our chances asking Siri some silly questions.
Unlocking the potential with Siri, we moved on to texting the boys compete nonsense for the next hour.
All the boys were all out together so we thought we would show them how to have a proper good time.
At this point the prosecco had dried up so we moved onto the mulled wine. I blame the next snapshot on the mulled wine.
The words 'fanny', 'willies', 'bum bum' and 'wiggle wiggle' were used far too much last night.
It was a brilliant night and the facebook comments this morning made me giggle muchly.
Thanks for bearing through all of that. Your award is in the post.
I hope you have all had a wonderful week and a lovely Friday so far? I am off to Bournemouth tomorrow for the weekend so don't expect much from me come Monday except for me to vomit hundreds of photos at you! I expect I will still be recovering from my hangover then...


  1. Siri has the smartest mouth ever!

  2. I think I need to come hang out with you.

  3. I've just found your blog via Jennie at Sailboat. This post made me laugh so much, funny conversations with Siri never fail to amuse! x


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