Morning people need not enquire / Dolce Gusto Melody review

28 November 2012

That up there is my Nescafe Dolce Gusto Melody.
(By 'my' I mean 'his' and by 'his' I mean 'ours'. You know how these things are)
This gem was my Christmas present to Ben last year and has been making us 'morning people' ever since.
We both love coffee.
We also both love sleep.
Which is why this machine is perfect.
Most Saturday and Sunday mornings we like to have an espresso in bed to kick start our day.
I like to sleepily pad my way to the kitchen, Goblin at my feet, and grab us our coffee so that we can enjoy the morning in bed acting silly. Because I am a 'no frills' kinda girl I like this to be an easy process. No faff please. No cafetieres or boiling the kettle for me. I like to prepare things the night before (to make things extra easy) so I put the espresso pods in our espresso cups and fill the machine up with fresh water.
Then all I have to do is turn the machine on, plonk the pod in, slide the top lever thingy to the right and hey presto..COFFEE.
Pod comes out, cup goes on saucer. Rinse, repeat.
Ben likes his coffee straight up. Intense espresso and nothing else.
I prefer a slightly milder version; with a splash of milk and some sugar.
It is easy as that. If I can do it, then I'd be dammed if you can't.
We then sip (guzzle) our espresso's in bed, waiting for the caffeine to kick in so we can start our day.
We may or may not ALWAYS make a comment about how the little tiny cups make us feel like super cool giants. What can I say. We love our little cups.

Anyone else have a weekend/coffee ritual??
(p.s this is not a sponsored post, I really do just love this machine. Head to their website for more techy info and choice of coffee pods. There are TONNES to choose from. My other favourites are the Mocha's and the Latte's. Yum.)


  1. I really need a coffee machine, I am basically a zombie in the mornings! xo

  2. woah. i just fell in love with your coffee machine. :x

    new follower from followers to friends! hope you follow back :)

  3. coffee on the couch while tuning into the food network shows, wrapped in a puffy blanket, is our weekend coffee ritual. love it :)


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