I don't know what to title this... Early Christmas surprise? The last hours thoughts?

15 November 2012

Today my head has been full of all those thoughts that you go 'oh I should write that down, that should go on the blog' but I don't know what happened in the last hour or so but they have all vanished. Gone. Pooof. Nada left.
So I am gonna start again...
My thoughts RIGHT NOW. Brace yourselves.
I loved the cupcake that I had yesterday. Hummingbird bakery red velvet cupcakes rock.
I loved the emails that were sent between me and my Dad today. Super funny.
Ben is out tonight with the boys and I am really hoping myself and Holly can hang out for a bit. Maybe have a glass of wine. We will see..
How much I appreciate working with a girl that makes me laugh and smile all the time. You should all try and be friends with Sylwia you know. She is pretty darn brilliant!
There you are..more useless thoughts, as if you didn't hate last night's enough already!
(side note - massively need to get myself in the 'blogging' mood again, you know the one where you produce interesting posts. Ideas anyone??)

Oh, I remember what I was thinking on my commute this morning. I was going to tell you all about this:
(Insert satisfied 'I remembered' dance here)
One thing that made me smile recently was giving my Dad and Wendy their Christmas Presents..
Isn't that a little early you all scream?
Well yes and no. Yes because it is only November. And no because what we got them were Mumford and Sons Tickets for next Friday!!
Awesome present huh?
Make sense now why we couldn't wait until Christmas?
Well in the spirit of me and my sister being total shit heads we didn't want to make it too easy for Dad.
We created a code ('we' as in Microsoft Word). And we made the passage that revealed the present pretty long winded. With Dad being all 'math-sy' we thought it would be funny.
That it was.
There he is looking puzzled. Bless.. I really wish I had taken a picture of the actual page. But obviously I am not so smart at the moment. But it took him about 15 or so minutes to complete it.

And there we are, looking all happy and chuffed with ourselves. Probably because we had just stuffed our faces with breakfast! But also because we are all good at present ideas.

If you are wandering why Wendy wasn't there it is because she was at work, she knew about the tickets beforehand and they are from her too!I am thinking though that I might put her brain to the test and give her a puzzle just for fun when I see her next. I am sure she will love that.

So the long story short of this post is that we (Me, Tash, Ben,Sean and Wendy) really hope that you (Dad and (Wendy)) really enjoy your early Christmas present!!! I am sure you will.
Love you both lots!
P.s Just previewed this post and realised that I have asked a lot of rhetorical questions today. Apologies.


  1. by "we" you also mean "tash" x

  2. Useless thoughts are the best. Right now I'm having grilled cheese three days in a row for lunch wrong?

    PS. It was Earl Grey tea, I specifically looked this morning. Yum. I'll meet you tomorrow for a cup? Scratch that, bring wine.


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