halloween = wine = fun = hangovers...

1 November 2012

So last night was fun.
If you call getting totally shitfaced on a few bottles of wine fun, then yes, we had A LOT of fun.
I am pretty sure that at 6am this morning I was still drunk. But hey ho, I was much better off than Ben. Six shots of Sambuca will do that to a person.
Some of the group went full out on their costumes. Some of us just wore lipstick or eye shadow and backcombed our hair.
The best dressed award goes to Doug the Pug.
A Vampire Dog???? I clearly enjoyed it at the time!
I am off now to go drink my body weight in water. And feel sorry for myself.
Don't you just love being hungover?
Oh one more thing.. this picture melts my heart..


  1. I read it!!!!!! And enjoyed it....again. Perhaps you have converted me to is very.... YOU!!!

    Love you, claire xxxxxxxxx

  2. I do call getting shitfaced fun...that is A LOT of fun, actually! :)

  3. Doug the pug.... love it! :)

  4. Oh god Sambucca, blerghhhhhhhhh xo

  5. I don't have nearly enough fun in life as you do in this blog!!

  6. I wish I could pull off pink lipstick. Jealous.

    Hangovers are the enemy. Wine gives me bad headaches, but I continue to drink it! I'm actually going out tonight for a glass/bottle :)

    For the record, I prefer beer.

    Have a good weekend!!


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