Boys being boys, and a love note from Goblin..

23 November 2012

This year for Christmas we asked Caroline for a Dyson Hoover.
You know when you are getting older and boring sensible when you ask for practical things like a hoover and actually get excited about them. And not just a little excited like 'oh that will be nice' no, I am REALLY excited that we now have a hoover that sucks shit up like it is supposed to and not just move dust from A to B.
(My girls Claire and Krissy will know exactly how awful it feels to have an under-performing hoover. It seemed we were plagued with bad hoover after bad hoover in our old flat. Bad times.)
We received our hoover on Tuesday. And quickly got to assembling it. But not before this...
That up there is Ben using our new hoover as a toy gun. It seems that even grown men with careers, a home and a little family will STILL take ANY opportunity to use anything shiny and new as a toy gun.
It was adorable.
His little face makes me die..
This little face makes me die too. (but I am very biased)
Happy Friday from us all!

p.s For all you American lovelies I hope you had a brilliant Thanksgiving!! 


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