A weekend of wine. No surprise there.

6 November 2012

Weekends teach us many things..
One of those being that if I do not eat before I drink LOTS of alcohol I will get VERY DRUNK.
(You would have thought that being 23 I would have learnt this lesson long ago)
Last Friday I learnt this lesson. Hard.
We spent the night at The Bedford Pub for it's Banana Cabaret Comedy night. here.
Here is a picture of me with my first cocktail of the night. Just look how happy I am!
We had a brilliantly placed table towards the back of the audience where we could enjoy the show fully without being heckled!!
Red wine for all.
(Apologies to Sam here as he looks totally shitfaced..but it was the only picture I had..I am sure at this point we were all just a little tipsy)
If you are ever around Balham on a Friday or Saturday night I would TOTALLY recommend this comedy night. Every one of the acts was brilliant and Stephen K Amos even made a surprise show to practise his material for his next show. Totally worth it.
After everything wrapped up at The Bedford we made our way across the road to The Three Monkey's bar for some cocktails. Cause we obviously hadn't had enough..
It was at this point that everything got really fuzzy. And I got really clumsy. Apologies boys. Only you know what I am talking about.

I spent Saturday feeling pretty darn sorry for myself.
Ben thought that there should be photographic evidence of my hangover. Asshole.
Sunday morning I was a picture of vitality. I woke up nice and early, hangover free and attempted to sort out the pile of ironing that had been slowly growing and taking over our lounge.
You can see why I put this off for so long. My only question is 'HOW DO YOU PRODUCE SO MUCH IRONING BEN???'
Rant over. Love you really.
After I spent 3 hours doing the ironing and watching terrible TV we decided to go and try out the newly renovated Grove Pub in Balham. We were completely blown away. It is so beautifully done, elegant and stylish that any 'balhamites' must pop down for a drink.
(Boys? Harriet? Drink here soon?? Or pub quizage??)
And there we are, enjoying our matching knitted jumpers and our gorgeous bottle of red on a a lovely relaxed Sunday. I hope you all had fantastic weekends too???


  1. I wish my hangover look was that good. My eyes are usually crusted shut with too many coats of mascara.

    I've been on a red wine binge lately. The day-after headaches are rough though! One of my wino friends said I just need to practice and keep drinking it. So I shall..

  2. I have been to that comedy night at the Bedford and it is a great night out!!

  3. So many pubs, so many pubs. Where I live is dumb.

    I decided to drink some wine (and liquor) on Saturday night. Woke up with the slightest hint of a headache on Sunday morning that lasted all day.

  4. You're so beautiful!!! I love those glasses, too. :D

  5. I do not miss my hangover days, trust me there were many.

    I do not miss the aspect of a man needing ironing, but I miss having a man.

  6. haha I LOVE the matching jumpers. I am slowly stocking up on winter jumpers. For some reason I have no winter clothes. Perfect way to cure a hangover, more wine. Sounds like a perfect Sunday

  7. Aw this is really cute, I've definitely made the mistake of not eating before drinking! Love the matching jumpers as the end :)
    Daniella x


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