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30 November 2012

Morning all. Happy Friday.
In celebration of it being Friday this post today will be a mish-mash of some instagrams and my thoughts regarding those instagrams.
(If you are surprised then you haven't been around these parts long enough)

This glorious sight has happened three nights this week. Wine, candles and incense. These three things make for a happy woman.
On Sunday I decided to have one of those weeks where I don't do anything; no going out, no running around, no stress. Just me and my bath/sofa/bed relaxing and chillaxing.
Try it sometime.
Every night this happens. I have started to bring a separate glass for the little man to sip out of.
So cheeky.
Chocolate. YUM.
I am incredibly lucky at work; we have an amazing cafeteria with some amazing chefs. Who make the most amazing treats. I am convinced that these brownies hold the secret to the universe. Or at least the secret to my gaining podge.
How on earth am I supposed to resist these??
Answers on a postcard please.
These are my new glasses. I love them. This weekend I plan on taking some 'proper' pictures of me wearing them and compiling a 'proper' post for you all. Aren't they purdy??
A few little touches for my side of the room. Some of my favourite people up there...
Good for the kidneys...and I need me some kidney goodness.
This year I have had two kidney infections and roughly twenty bouts of cystitis.
This is me trying to keep healthy. You chop the parsley, boil it, strain and squeeze it then have a glass a day.
Tastes okay. Smells awful.
I had to remind myself 14532 times whilst drinking it this morning that I needed me some kidney goodness.
I have smelt parsley all day. Not even perfume is helping.
These two pictures do not make me happy.
Rain, again.
Tastes and smells amazing.
Works to help digestion and remove all those nasty toxins from your system. You should DEFINITELY try this herbal tea if you are looking for a healthy but delicious treat. I find it goes particularly well with a good book!
(p.s their website is like a little slice of heaven..could spend hours and a lot of money snooping round there!)
Today is cold. but I am sure you already know that.
What you might not know about today is that I am SUPER HAPPY because I have a dinner and drinks date tonight with my two favourite girls AND tomorrow I have another dinner and drinks date with Susan. Oh my. Now if I knew what to wear for either of my dates..
And that concludes one of the most dis-jointed and random posts ever put up here.
Have a fantastic weekend!!!


  1. Ahhhhh look at his tiny kitty tongue!

  2. So many things that make me happy in this post! Pukka tea, brownies, candles, incense and wine are the recipe for my perfect evening! xo

    Rosie // A Rosie Outlook

  3. My cat does that with the glass on the bedside table, l take a water bottle to bed now.
    It's meant to be a dry weekend thankfully and snow in London on Monday.
    Love the glasses.

  4. parsley... hahaahahahha.

    I'm never drinking out of your cups, ever.

  5. Hi there! New follower here from the blog hop! Cute blog! Looking forward to getting to know you! Would love a visit from you over at

  6. I love those glasses! Mine are similar, and I'm wearing them right now :)

    I had to buy a cup with a lid and straw because my kitty drinks out of mine too! Cheeky kitties indeed.

    I hope your kidneys get their act together!

    Pass the fudge and wine, please.

  7. your new glasses are so cute!

  8. Yummm chocolate!
    You're gorgeous, you have such great hair and look lovely n glasses!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


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