Too Young to Wed.

12 October 2012

I found this website today...Too Young to Wed. It breaks my heart and I think those young girls deserve us to take the time to read a little about them and their struggle. {here}
"One in three girls in the developing world is married before she turns 18, often to a man considerably older than her and often without her say-so. The results can be devastating: The girls are often removed from school, limiting their options for the future and the economic benefits they can provide their families. Early pregnancies put them and their children at much greater risk of death or disability. And social isolation exposes them to the potential for abuse.
The profound negative consequences associated with child marriage impact not just the girls, but their entire communities. Too Young to Wed seeks to raise awareness about child marriage, help girls who are already married and ultimately, to end the practice forever. We’ll use this space to spread news about the issue, share the girls’ stories and update you on the progress being made."

These girls need us to add our voice to theirs.


  1. i hear a lot of forced marriage to girls underage, especially to girls from poor family. that's just crazy and inhuman

  2. Nicola, I read this too and found out yesterday was the first official 'Day of the Girl' where charities brought light to these issues and are signing petitions and trying to make a stand against governments for change.

    Thanks for being part of that voice and for sharing! H x

  3. Thank you for linking the website!

    Jennie xo |


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