that wednesday feeling..

17 October 2012

(picture taken last year - you do not wanna see a picture of my face at the moment!!)
Reading World War Z. Zombies? Naturally.
Thinking that I am getting pretty fed up with illness after illness. Kidney infection (for the second time this year = sucky me)
Smelling the vanilla essence I have burning.
Wishing I could have proper back and forth conversations with Goblin. I wish this so bad! Oh the conversations we would have about life, friendship and the sort..
Hoping that it snows this winter.
Wearing pyjamas and laying in bed.
Loving my supportive family and boyfriend.
Wanting a cuddle and to be well again. 
Needing my boy home from work please?
Feeling totally disheartened.
Hey ho, that might just be the most boring post I have ever written..apologies folks, but I am off to sleep again...


  1. Aww, get well soon!! I hope that you get over this illness.
    And I don't want snow just yet!!!

  2. poor girl, i hope you feel better soon!! i often wish i could converse with my pup as well- i think of what her voice would sound like if she could in fact talk... crazy pet mommas we are :) xo

  3. Oh no, you're sick again? Poor you! That's really bad :(
    I hope you'll feel better very soon.
    (And no - your post is not boring at all!!! Your pic had me laugh out loud ;D)

  4. love the pic your so pretty and cute all at the same time

  5. I hope you get well and I also hope for snow :)

  6. Feel better soon lovely! Let me know if you need chicken soup and sympathy! <3


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