circa 2007 // old drunken photos...

24 October 2012

The other day I was having a browse on my old computer and I came across all of my old photos.
After a fit of hysterics and MANY a cringe I pulled my shit together long enough to take a few (awful) snaps of some of them on my phone until I get get my hands on the hard copies!!
Even looking at them now makes me laugh so hard I nearly pee myself.
The pictures below are of Susan and Richard.
Circa 2007.
Let me set the scene...most Thursdays after college we used to head down to the one good nightclub in town. We used to get in there early, order copious amounts of alcohol (it was £1.50 a drink up until 10pm!), plonk ourselves down and settle in for the night. We always used to know most of the crowd and we always used to love the music.
Anyone remember 'We are your friends' and 'That boy that girl'????
The club was perfect for us at the time; the smokers could puff away (before the smoking ban!) and us drinkers could glug away for cheap all hoping that there would be a few fitties to ogle throughout the night.
We all had some amazing (and many a drama filled) nights in that club.
They were the good old days.
And these pictures sum up our nights and Susan and Richard up perfectly.
Hmmm...I know what you are thinking..'oh my'..but stick with me here.
The last one is one of my favourites pictures of me and Susan.
It sums us up perfectly. It says 'We are classy ladies. And we like the wall.'

Moving on...
So I have finally stopped laughing at these photos (I wasn't lying when I said they make me laugh) and I just want to say a little something more serious about these two FANTASTIC people.
(insert gush)
They are two of the nicest, most supportive, down to earth, inspiring and intelligent people I know. Not to mention they are FIT AS (see photo's above)
I am so very lucky to have them in my life. They make me smile, they make me laugh, they take me as I am and we are all so shockingly different it always makes for fun when we hang out.
We have always been there for each other even though since college we have always lived so far from each other! But that never stopped us being unconditionally there for each other.
These two are my favourites and this little ramble here is for them.
The two best friends anyone can have...


  1. hahaha,,
    thanks for sharing the pictures!
    the last one is my favorite too

  2. Drunken photos.

    They're fantastic when they're anyone else but me.

  3. Amazing drunken photos!


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