Been resting..

4 October 2012

So yeah...I am still feeling ROTTEN as shit. 
Here are some pictures of how I have been spending the last few days. 
I am not gonna lie...this post is Goblin heavy. 
Now don't look at me like that...what else was I supposed to take pictures of?? I'm not exactly leading an 'exciting' life at the moment. 

And here are a few of the VERY random thoughts I have been having...
- Why do we not have a bath in the living room? 
- How is it possible to STILL be producing this much snot??
- The film Freaky Friday is not a timeless one. Dated comes to mind. 
- Tonight I am going to make this.
- Why did they not make a fifth series of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl? Ridiculous. 
- Why are my feet STILL cold?? How many baths do I need to take?
- I will only take cough medicine if it tastes like my childhood. 
- I am really missing my best friend Richard. 
- Why am i STILL wearing this t-shirt???
Here's a secret for you... I have worn this super cool t-shirt since Monday night. 
I wish that was a lie. But don't worry - I have showered since then... I just put it back on after. 
Aren't I a treat??
And on that note.. I am going back to bed, writing this has wore me out. 


  1. You poor thing, sounds like this cold has knocked you for six. Hope Goblin is giving you lots of hugs. If only you could train him to sit on your feet, that might warm them up.

    I'm a new visitor and follower, please come by and visit my blog sometime. (I live in North London but don't let that stop you, lol)

    Life of an Agnostic Sunday School Teacher

  2. you're adorable even when sick.. and so is goblin! hoping you feel better soon chick xo

  3. You are a treat! You are!

    Feel better, and I miss my best friend too, it's only fair.

  4. you poor thing. You need to feel better now please! Goblin is such a cutie!

  5. Hey hun! Aww what a cutie your little furball is! Heart kitty pics ;) Was so lovely to meet you yesterday lovely, had such a fab time! :D btw that shirt is AMAZEBALLS!

    Aysh xoxo

  6. Your cat is so cute! :)


  7. Love all the pics of Goblin - he's just sooo cute! And there is almost nothing better than some sweet furry friend snuggles :)
    Especially when you're sick. I'm right there with you, I'm having a really nasty cold for the past days, too. It just doesn't want to go away :( Last night Molli snuggled up to me all night, keeping me warm - so cute ;)
    Hope you'll feel better very soon!

  8. Goblin is so cuteee <3 I hope you're feeling better!

    jennie xo |


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