A tuesday thinking process...

30 October 2012

Just wanna put it out there that based on yesterday, I am not a fan of Mondays.
Nor am I much of a fan of the weather these past few days either. Something about that drizzly rain that is neither here nor there rearing it's ugly head.

Yesterday was spent obsessively looking through the IKEA website. 
I swear I could waste hours on there.. oh shit, that is exactly what I did actually do. My bad.
The plan is to do it all again today. Judge all you like.
These are some of the things I have been lusting over..head over to their website for everything else I like!!
I am determined to get rid of our wardrobe and replace it with one of these...
These mugs are perfect for all the hot chocolates Ben is going to make me from now until Xmas.. 
This is the only desk chair I have found that I like. Seriously though, lack of stylish chairs out there peeps!! Market is wide open!
Today though has been spent thinking about these things...
- What in heavens name I would do if I was stuck at work when the zombie apocalypse happened. I wear a suit dress and heels to work...not exactly the best attire to be wearing is it if disaster strikes?? Suggestions?

- Things like this make me really really laugh..
- Reminiscing about how much of a nice weekend I had in Kent..and thinking of ways to 'oh so cleverly' steal Ben's mums gorgeous cottage. It is a tricky one. As in, I cannot think of one way to sneak that little cottage away from her...
- I have STILL not been able to get over how poorly Sylwia must have felt yesterday to pour her lemsip and BOILING WATER into a PLASTIC cup.
Just take a second to think about that..bless.. I am just glad she is feeling better today!
- How lucky I am to have a boyfriend that makes me so happy and a little Goblin to make me laugh. Our little family makes my heart want to burst.
- The yummy food Holly made for us Sunday night. The four of us (Me, Holly, Rick and Ben) spent the night enjoying a few glasses of vino and lovely food in their new flat! Congratulations guys!
Bring on Saturday at the BBC!

- Excited about some awesome weekends coming up.. Trip to Centreparcs and then a trip to Bournemouth!!! Both will involve a certain degree of drinking and getting into trouble I'm sure!

- How much I enjoy wearing my new vampy lipstick to work. And how much I DO NOT ENJOY not being able to wear coloured nail polish anymore..
- The fact that I LOVE the scent of The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla range and that my luck must be changing because even though I just ran out of the hand cream Ben bought me for Xmas last year (boo) I just spotted the last bottle of shower cream and body lotion in the Kings Road store! And because they were the last ones I got them both for £5!!!!! I cannot wait to bust those bad boys out tonight.

- Dreading the huge pile of ironing that is waiting for me at home. It stacks as high as my bum. Lame.

- Wanting to take Ben out for a date night cocktail tonight but not sure what he will say...Here is to hoping he says yes!??

Hope you have a lovely Tuesday!!


  1. I try not to obsess of the Ikea website since we live so far away and all the stuff I want they don't ship :(

  2. I gotta get me some of that spiced vanilla stuff! I'm also a fan of the cranberry range. Very Christmassy x

  3. Ikea holes are tough to get out of!

    Mondays...not a fan.

  4. Whoaaa, that desk chair? I think I stopped breathing. Swooooon.

    Yeah, Mondays. Bite me.


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