A recipe for the perfect Sunday afternoon at the woolpack

25 October 2012

You will need:
- The morning to spend pampering yourself.
(I find that gorgeous smelling LUSH products always get me in the mood....For getting ready that is, get your mind out of the gutter!)
- A Goblin to snuggle.
- Someone there to take pictures of the struggle when you squeeze him a little too tight.
(A furry face tells a thousand words)
- An outfit that makes you look ah-mazing.
(I am taking Ben's word for this ingredient)
- Heels.
(Sundays deserve heels. No stilettos though. Wedges only...we aren't hookers after all)
- The inability to take a proper 'outfit shot'.
(This was BY FAR the best of the bunch)
- Someone to laugh at like a hyena when they say 'I could do this outfit malarky' and the pictures come out like this.
(I promised not to put the others up here, I promised to protect his 'manliness', but oh my they are FUNNY. Maybe when he isn't looking?)
- Pictures of the journey to the pub.
(Who else is going to take up an opportunity like this except for bloggers?)
-  A brilliant bar/pub like The Woolpack in London Bridge to settle down in for the afternoon.
(If you are a Londoner go there. It is fab)
- Mulled Wine. In mugs of course.
(None of those 'fancy schmancy' wine glasses welcome here)
- Pictures of you enjoying the mulled wine.
(This one shouldn't be hard.Who doesn't like mulled wine????)

- A Sunday Roast fit for a King.
- Amazing family members to get a little tipsy with.
(In this picture me and Harriet were trying to hide our Roast dinner food babies. I think we did rather well?)


- The arrival of more family members.

- And finally a picture of all five of us.
(The dream team)


  1. I really want some mulled wine now!

  2. I love mulled wine. Remember - Mulled Wine isn't just for December!
    Gorgeous photos!

  3. I'm inviting myself for next time. Let me know when, and I will be on the first flight out. I love boozing on a Sunday, absolutely love it.


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