A night at the BBC. Dreams. Zombies.

12 October 2012

Oh boy do I have lots to share with you today...lots of random things too, so you are all in for an absolute treat.

Let's start with last night. Drinks at The Balham Bowls Club with Clare (bff) Alex and Ben.
One of the MANY reasons I love living in Balham is the fact that there are an abundance of quirky and interesting bars to spend my time getting drunk in.
And if there is one thing we all know it's that I love a good quirky place to chill with friends and a good glass of wine to glug while I'm doing it!! As yesterday was unusually crazy at work and I have had to deal with an unusually high number of crazy people this week (now there is a story for another time) I was in desperate need of a large glass of wine.
And here is the glass of wine I so thoroughly enjoyed...
And here is a few pictures of one of my closest, most gorgeous friends Claire. I met Claire around three years ago when I moved into one of the rooms in a flat share she lived in. From the second I met her something clicked. This girl is supposed to be in my life for the long haul. We are so fundamentally different as women but she teaches me so much. Claire is one of those people that I am in awe of and I imagine that I always will be.
We also have the inability to take 'normal photos' on the first go...

We eventually get there though!

The boys have the same problem.
Topics of conversation -
- Surrogate mothers, this was one long conversation with lots of opinions flying round.
- Claire getting on the property ladder. Amazeballs.
- Weekend Plans. Can't share yet.
- Experiences with those crazy people I mentioned. We all had a story to tell that's for sure.
- Alex's exciting work at the moment.
- The lack of money we all have. Again, thank you expensive London.
- My blog. Everyone has their opinions on it!!
- Turbo V-necks. And how Alex totally pulls them off.
Secondly I would like to just talk a little about how I love this jumper. Ben bought it for me for my birthday from Oliver Bonas and Ithink it is perfect for this time of year.
To me Autumn means unstyled hair, lots of blusher and comfy clothes. Stripes are a bonus. Score.
Oh and massive coats, massive snoods and comfy boots. Obviously.
The next random thing I have floating around my little brain this morning is the dreams I have
been having lately.
Last night me and Ben decided to get married on a whim. (in my dream just in case you got confused there). We only invited our immediate family, we had the reception in our flat and I wore this dress...
(This was taken last year at my second mum's wedding - dress is a Ted Baker one)
Now two things here, why did I not wear a white dress?? I love love LOVE this dress - it is my favourite piece of clothing, but really? For my wedding?? I definitely want a white dress!
And why have the reception in our flat of all places??? Not even at the pub?? Baffling.
This has bothered me all morning...
Then a few nights ago I had a dream that I was being attacked and the crazy (faceless) man in my dream injected heroin into my face.
HEROIN in my FACE!!!!!
It was traumatic to say the least. And even weirder was that it was like I could feel myself become under the influence of the heroin.
(Just for the record I have no actual real life experience of what it actually feels like, obviously, so I am guessing my imagination was on overdrive  here)
I woke up and made Ben promise that he would never inject heroin into my face. Confusion and shock stared back at me. And then he promised he would never do it. I was freaked out though for at least a few days.
I can't share my other freaky dreams - I don't want you to think I am completely crazy now do I??
The last thing I want to talk to you about is Zombies.
Since knowing Ben and spending A LOT of time around his family these past few years I have been become both fascinated and terrified with Zombies.
All the boys (and their mum and dad fyi) love a good Zombie film/Xbox game/TV show/book/board game etc. Maybe it is just being them being boys (??) but I think they just love em.
I never used to think about them before but oh things do change! The occasional thought I had about them has escalated into thinking about them A LOT. I would put this down to recently reading World War Z. It is a BRILLIANT book but one that has made it all very scary/real in my mind.
I have taken to start asking the boys things like this...
I am so lucky to have those boys!!
I am convinced they must have had many a thorough conversation about what we would do if there were a zombie problem and how we would survive. Geeky yes, but I for one am glad that I will be in safe hands.
So there...I am gonna stop now as I could probably go on and on talking about all the weird things that swirl around in my head but I think I have covered enough bases today!
What is your weirdest thought today??? Do you have crazy dreams or zombie plans?????


  1. WOW. You totally covered a lot of bases in this post. I'm actualy confused on what to respond to haha. In short: bars are always great. that sweater is cute. heroin in your face is hilarious. lol. and do I hear wedding bells soon?

  2. Oooh I hate gettin weird dreams. So annoying!! But I do love going to bars AND wearing cosy winter clothes. Maybe I should feel less guilty about my hair being in a mess the next time I go out?!?!

  3. We should really live closer to each we can get drinks, and talk about zombies, and so I can borrow that jacket. And scarf. And those boots.

  4. okay i absolutely adored this entire post i dont even know where to start! i think your wedding dream was a hoot- i love that dress- i just find it funny in your dream it was your wedding dress! and i have zombie dreams/daydreams on a daily basis. thank you walking dead.. im am now very curious about this brilliant book you speak of and will be looking into it asap. also, if you scroll through my histroy of my computer you are more than likely to find research on doomsday prepping-- geek and proud of it. ok thats enough :) xo


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