A Forest Segway Adventure!

26 October 2012

I have a confession for you.
Like realllly hate them.
I think they are ugly and bulky and un-feminine and gross and all kinds of yucky.
Safe to say you won't ever catch me in them mooching around town or running errands in them. Or running full stop actually...not my thing.
I own one pair of trainers. I have owned them for nearly five years now and can count on two hands how many times I have worn them.
Most of those occasions seem to be with one certain group of friends. I call them the 'outgoing, we do lots of mental things' group. They are also known as 'Ben's uni friends'.
The last time we saw this lot we went on a Forest Segway Adventure in Bracknell (website here) and I decided to wear my trainers for it. (shudders)
And I hated every second of wearing them...
But back to the point.. our day out was for Robyn's birthday and it was all a surprise for her planned by her boyfriend Sharpey - what a sweetheart!
None of us had ever been on a Segway before so the day was a total experience for us all.
Not to mention THE MOST FUN EVER!
As you can see, it was a beautiful day, sunny, crisp and clear (freezing too) day in Bracknell.
Me and the lovely Sam who was gorgeous enough to drive us there! As you can see I have deliberately left out my feet in ALL of these pictures. As said, I really do not like trainers!
Timmy and Anda.
Me and Ben looking seriously cool in our helmets.
Pete and Ben. Check out Ben's dad style backpack and Pete looking actually quite normal in his helmet. Trying not to get jealous over here...
The birthday lady Robyn!
And that up there is Fonzy. You really have to know him to understand just how funny this picture is.
Silly boy!
Here are some random snaps I managed to snag or steal from the day..
We even managed to get this shot of us all. Just look at our formation!! What pro's!
(If you squint and zoom in (and if you really care) you can kind of see my trainers in that last one)
So what have we all learnt today?
- I hate trainers.
- You MUST go on a Forest Segway adventure. (It is only £25 per person). Book it now! You will not regret it I promise.
- Me, Ben and the rest of our friends all make stupid faces when we are excited.
- Me, Ben and the rest of our friends (except Pete) all look stupid in helmets.
- Me, Ben and the rest of our friends are an aweosme bunch of people. Our instructor/guide said we were 'one of the best groups she has ever had'. I would call that winning!
And lastly as it is Friday I give you permission to enjoy a big glass of wine/beer/cocktail tonight!!
I will be in Kent this weekend taking in the countryside. What are your plans??


  1. Ahh I want to do this so much!

  2. I have always wanted to do this! My friends mentioned it a few times now, will definitely look in to it! Oh my gosh...I thought I was alone in my feelings against trainers! I actually don't own a single pair...*proud face*

    Aysh xoxo

  3. This looks so cool! I've seen it advertised here in big, busy cities, but never the woods! What a great idea!

  4. this is AMAZING!! I have secretly wanted to try a segway for such a long time!

  5. Ahh it looks like the best day ever! <3

    Jennie xo |

  6. Ahh, this looks so cool. I have been on a segway once and it was so much fun.



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