10 secrets...

31 October 2012

1. I am an ass. Why you ask? Well I managed to somehow leave our laptop charger in Kent. Which means I can't upload any of the (boring) pictures I have taken recently. Gutted.
2. I hate it when I see women on the tube doing their make-up with GROSS matted and clogged up make-up brushes. It properly makes me feel sick.
(Just for the record, I love watching women do their make-up on the tube otherwise!)
3. I have done absolutely nothing remotely 'halloweeny' this year. That is except for being as pale as Casper the ghost. But seriously, done. nothing. This makes me sad. After all you can only dress up as a slut and get away with it this one night of the year.
This is me as a slutty bunny two years ago.
This is me and my friends dressed up as a drunk people last year.
As you can tell by those photo's I take Halloween pretty seriously.
The pictures from last Halloween I don't even remember taking.
That is what Quelf will do to a group of young intelligent adults.
I think my Mum and Sister had pretty amazing costumes this year though. They made up for me.
4. I absolutely HATE the feeling of towels when I have dry hands. I can't touch them. I also HATE the feel of velvet. YUCK...
5. I wish I was as funny as some of the ladies whose blogs I read.
6. Sometimes I  think that if what I am eating is small...say a biscuit...then it isn't as bad for me.
Hmm...thinking though that could be why my fat ass doesn't fit into that black skirt I wore as a bunny.
7. I am so excited about the next three weekends I have coming up. This weekend is for a few drinks with awesome friends. The weekend after is for doing 'outdoorsy' things in Centre Parcs. And the weekend after that is for many drinks in Bournemouth.
This isn't so much as a secret as just a fact. Sorry not sorry.
8. Yesterday I bought these off of eBay. For like £2.10
This is the first time I have EVER bought something off eBay.
I actually love them. I am also sure Ben will hate them.
Do you like them?
9. Today I bought some of that 'no bite' shit for my nails. I am pretty sure though that as we are not allowed to wear nail polish anymore, it will do nothing to stop me biting my nails.
I'm considering bailing and getting falsies again.
10. Sometimes I like to bury my face in Goblins tummy. Other times I squeeze him so hard he squeaks.
And that concludes my ramblings today...


  1. i am equally as grossed out by dirty, clogged up makeup brushes/sponges. a high school friend used to use the same sponge to do her foundation every day. she'd toss it (loose and uncovered) into a dirty makeup bag, then break it out again the next day.


  2. well i think you are very funny.

    and i don't like it when people use dirty brushes or their make-up looks dirty, do you know what i mean--i just can't stop thinking about the germs.

  3. I'm gonna pull the ghost card! thanks :)

  4. Oh my hell.

    "dressed up as drunk people.."

    That will be the funniest thing I read all day.. "Miss I wish I was as funny.." you just beat them all.


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