the big chilled weekend.

4 September 2012

a chilled weekend is what we needed wanted. and for once that is what we got.

friday night was a quiet one, spent eating yummy comfort food and taking long relaxing baths - THANK YOU ben for putting candles up, and making it all lovely for me.
saturday morning was spent in bed. at about 12 we decided it was about time we got our asses out of bed and we went to spend a few hours at borough market.
borough market has got to be my most favourite place to go in london. the food is delicious, the atmosphere is always lovely and the wine punches are fab. 
saturday night rik and holly came round for some delicious wine and food - mostly bought at borough market as we all know that i am no culinary queen! we all fell into a carb conduced coma pretty early on in the evening, and as a result we certainly did not 'live it up' nor 'go large' out in balham. but that is what lazy weekends are for though aren't they?
and that was how we spent sunday. in bed. again. lovely jubbly.
what a lovely lazy weekend we had. 


  1. Jealous of your weekend!!

  2. sounds like a lovely, relaxig weekend!

  3. Lazy weekends are my favourite. You've taken some gorgeous pics. I now want lots of food and lots of wine and lots of bed! x

  4. I love that picture in your mirror! So sweet :)

  5. this loks so lovely! And Ben put up candles for you? what a keeper!

  6. Some of my fave things...books, baths, wine and pizza. Looks like a great weekend! New to your blog...hope you follow my journey as well. ;)

  7. That looks like a fabulous weekend! Love the pic of Goblin - sooo cute :)
    And the last one is great need some time to do exactly that: enjoy a nice cup of tea and a good book.
    Glad you got to enjoy your weekend.
    I hope you're having another wonderful weekend ahead of you :)


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