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17 September 2012

Working at Clarins has been a really big part of my life here in London. Four years in London and three of those years i spent working in Peter Jones on the Clarins counter.
I both loved and hated that job. Anyone who has worked in retail would understand what i mean. I loved the team i worked in but hated the hours. I loved helping women with their skin and make-up but hated working weekends. I loved it when it was busy but hated it when it was quiet.
I don't regret one second of my time there though and if i could work there Monday to Friday with the old dream team and a hefty pay rise I would go back tomorrow.
I don't think that is too much to ask???? PFFFT.
I remember my last day at Peter Jones well. I cried A LOT. I was so sad about the change that was happening right before my eyes.
I was really worried that I would fall out of touch with the girls. They had become so important to me. We were all so close. We laughed together, we comforted each other when we were upset, we got drunk and rowdy at after work drinks together, we bitched about boys and gushed about boys, we did each others make-up, we made fun of each other but most of all we were always there for each other.
Looking back I shouldn't have been worried at all. I now work literally round the corner and pop in to see them a good few times a week!! It is like I never left at all..
Last month we all went out for some grub and bubbly at Kettners for a few of the girls birthdays.
We all love getting dressed up for nights out. I wore a skirt from River Island and an old white tee. The jacket is from H&M and the scarf was a present from Ben. Heels are my trusty tan courts from Zara.
p.s I wore out those heels this weekend and could have cried when the bottom of the heel came off. I hate that metal clickity click and now need to go get them repaired. Boohoo!!!
Zoe and myself- also known as Pinky (Zoe sure does love Pink) and Purky (my surname is Purkins. go figure!!)
As there was a huge gaggle of us - about 16 in total - Kettner's provided us with a party menu. Most of us chose the two courses for £25 which is so reasonable for such a lovely 'posh' restaurant. I think everyone up our end of the table had the steak and chips. It was DIVINE. and you can tell it was super yummy as i didn't even get a snap of it before i gobbled it up. what a piggy, thank goodness for elasticated skirts!
The lovely Kat, Tracey and Louise. I hadn't seen Kat or Louise in FOREVER as Kat works elsewhere now and Louise is a new mum, so it was so nice to catch up with them properly.
Now just in case you are thinking that I now work with complete trolls, let me just say that is totally not the case!! I have a post about those lovely people coming up soon!!!

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  1. you look beautiful! sounds like a lovely evening :)


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