six cases of overindulgence..

10 September 2012

I am a lucky girl.
recently i have been spoilt with how much fun i have been having at the weekends. if i am not careful i will be needing a fun intervention. no jokes guys.
friday me hanna and chaps over indulged at Pizza East in shoreditch.
if you ever have a chance you should definitely head there for some nosh!
myself af the gorgeous nicola!
just look at that garlic bread!!!!!
nicola and the lovely hannah :)
i had the artichoke, mozzerella, rocket and parmesan pizza. absolutely gorgeous!
me and hannah,
but by now i bet you could work that one out yourself huh??
those donuts were as good as they look by the way. worth their weight in gold.
it was so lovely to spend time with these two girls who mean so much to me. i have known them since we were twelve and we all grew up together. over the years we have laughed, we have cried and nursed broken hearts together. we danced drunk, acted silly and utterly reckless together. we discovered who we are as women together and found our way in the big bad world together. as we sat there talking about living with boys, our big girl jobs and how bizarre it is to be 'so grown up' heart swelled with love for these girls. it was a lovely evening. 
saturday i spent the day back home with my dad and wendy. me and dad spent some really good quality time together. we visited Oma, had a lovely walk into town, did a bit of shopping and enjoyed the last of the british summer. 
indulgence number two of the weekend came in the form of a delicious milkshake
minstrels, milky bar and vanilla. oh my.
on saturday night we had some family friends around (ones that me and tash hadn't seen in like ten years!!!) and we enjoyed even more delicious BBQ food and some lovely red vino = indulgence number three.
 dark chocolate and beetroot cake = indulgence number four. i have been looking for a recipe so i can butcher attempt it myself. if you know of any good ones please let me know!!
sunday morning was spent with my dad and wendy before i made my way back to the big LDN town for cuddles with ben. indulgence number five! after we completed some boring household chores we made our way down to tooting for a lazy pint in one of our favourite pubs. indulgence number six.
by 6pm all this indulgence caught up with me. 
it was bed by 8pm for us.  
and those six indulgences make for a a truly wonderful weekend.


  1. Looks like a great weekend! Friends, family, what more could you ask for??

  2. What a wonderful weekend! You look gorgeous in all those pictures :)
    Can you pleeease share the dark chocolate beetroot cake with us? I'd so love to try it too!
    Have a great week, dear Nic. xoxo

  3. ugh those donuts :).. i die!

  4. what a great weekend!
    i wish i could visit my parents soon

  5. oh my gosh, that garlic bread!!!


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