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5 September 2012

♥ last night i had a terrible nights sleep. ben sleep talking, goblin scratching me, a 3am migraine and the need to pee every hour (over share. sorry, not sorry.) meant that this morning i was a total grump. sorry ben, sorry sylwia.
♥ getting some maltesers this morning when i got into work sure did turn that frown upside down.
 ♥ spending my lunch outside in the glorious sunshine today with a good book was lush. hello happy nicola!
♥ i am so excited to see my old friends nicola and hanna on friday night for a much needed catch up over nibbles and wine!
♥ i am excited to go home this weekend and see ma awesome family..
♥ 60 followers now? again, totes cray cray. (i am totally aware that sentence was horrific, woops!)
♥ you might have guessed by now that i have a complete love affair with giraffes. i actually think they are just beautiful.
(if ONLY i would be so lucky to have a mini pet giraffe. if you are reading this and could make this happen i promise i will be your bff forever)
♥ i have been thinking about what i would do if i won two million pounds. i mean i have literally spent hours doing this today. if your bored / in the mood to procrastinate then just let your mind wander that way. time = gone.
♥ i am still annoyed at the scratch on my leg that goblin gave me last night. sometimes he doesn't deserve to be so cute and i refuse to forgive him just yet.
♥ i am realllllyyy looking forward to continue watching series four of breaking bad tonight.
oh. my. god. it is ah-mazing!!!!
♥ wishing i had as much holiday as ben to take before the end of the year. wishful thinking.
♥ thinking about a date where i can go and do my 'lets try loads of different beers at the drafthouse and review them' night with the parsons boys.
p.s if you wanna come, shoot me an email, you are all welcome to see me sputter the not so nice beers everywhere!
♥ and finally... hoping you all have a nice rest of your day ♥


  1. I love Breaking Bad, it's so good! I'm pretty darned addicted and am ashamed to admit that I find Jesse strangely attractive. Hm.

    Now I want Malteasers.... eek.

  2. i love the giraffe :) so freakin' adorable! also, i finally got round to adding your button to my blog- huzzah! i need to have a complete layout-smush around at some point (post-18th of course, i have no time at the moment).
    rache, xo

  3. Oh, man! Lunch outside with a good book sounds heavenly! I hope you get a better nights sleep tonight, and who knows? Maybe you'll win 2 million pounds tomorrow haha

  4. that giraffe is so beautiful!!!

  5. i love that giraffe!

    have a great night! drop by and say hi!


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