over the pond // at 3-Oh-1 Grace Street

18 September 2012

You can find me over here today on Samantha's blog talking about what it is like to live in London!!
Samantha is LOVELY! She has an adorable blog and was one of my first bloggy friends. When she emailed and asked if I would guest post for her about London I squeeled a little bit, instantly told Ben and then couldn't believe my luck that I have made such nice bloggy friends this year.
My IRL friends would probably give me a slap for saying 'bloggy' but who cares??
Don't answer that.
((Oh and IRL = In Real Life for you non-cool non-bloggy people.))
I am on a roller coaster of cool today.
So go over to Samantha's blog and read my ramblings. Please.
p.s Tonight I am off to see Butch Walker!!!!!!!!!!!
AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! He is soooo dreamy.


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