My weekend; hot chocolates, family time, biscuit trades and baby dinosaur impressions..

26 September 2012

I started writing this post yesterday. I got so far as 'Well that was a weird weekend..' and then gave up. The words weren't coming and my head was fuzzy with everything that was going on. So here I am again today, with hopefully a few more words than I had yesterday.
On Saturday autumn had officially arrived. My leggings were dragged out from the depths of my wardrobe, my boots and coat were dusted off and I wore not just two layers but four!! We took Goblin to the vets for his yearly jabs, had his claws trimmed and then did some odd errands in and around Balham. Saturday night we just chilled out with Alex, eating treats and drinking tea. Nothing new there.
Sunday and Monday were tough days though. I got news that my Oma (my daddy's mum) was taken ill into hospital and she was really poorly. I decided to go home to spend some time with her and my family. I won't say much more except that I hope my gorgeous Oma starts to feel a bit better soon. Love you and thinking of you.
And now it is Wednesday.
And what happens on a Wednesday in Autumn in London?
(Or any day in Autumn in London for that matter?)
It rains. Oh my has it rained the last four days.
But I refuse to let the rain upset me or affect my mood today.

So here are a few thoughts/secrets/questions/insights and things i should probably keep to myself but instead will share with you today in the hope to spread a smile or two...

♥ Last night around 9pm I received an unusual bout of energy and I spent this energy bouncing around the flat, in a star wars t-shirt, singing (badly) to Ben "would i trade you for a chocolate biscuit???"
(Tinie Tempah song lyric reference, vaguely).
This kind of behaviour just can't be explained.
He promptly declared that he would indeed trade me. But for free, to anyone that would take me off his hands. Takers??

♥ I have discovered the joy of having both marmite AND peanut butter on toast. Greedy? yes, but super duper tasty. And I cannot cope nor comprehend when people declare that they hate marmite. This should not be allowed. Only lover here please.

♥ I count myself doubley lucky that I have not only my own family there for me but Ben's family too. Alex really looked after me Sunday when Ben was at the football and I am so grateful for the lovely chat we had over a glass of wine. You are a star. Thank you x

♥ Around this time of year I become obsessed with hot chocolate and Ben makes the BEST hot chocolate.
I said 'Ben you make the most bestest, most delicious hot chocolate, can you make me one??'
He said 'NO. You only say that because I make the hot chocolate for you. You only think it tastes better because you didn't have to make it. Your laziness knows no bounds.'
We didn't end up having hot chocolate in the end.

♥ I haven't washed my hair in four days. Please don't judge, not stand too close to me on the tube. I am just trying to get it so that it doesn't grease up so quickly as I think it is too used to my shampoo now. Time to change. Anyone else have this problem??

♥ What do you do when you are in a little bit of a blog funk and the words don't come easily??

♥ Dreaming about Chris Hemsworth as Thor for two nights in a row = winning.
Emma totally understands.

♥ I am realllllyyyyy looking forward to my afternoon with Sylwia on Saturday. Mani/pedi booked, a cheeky glass of vino after, a little shopping and yummy food to be had = a happy little me and a happy little Sylwia.

♥ I was literally JUST told by Sylwia that I look like a 'small baby dinosaur when i yawn'.
I honestly don't know how to take that, have you seen any small baby dinosaur's recently. Do I look like one??

And on that incredibly random note... I hope you all have a lovely day.


  1. Have a lovely day too... I hope your Oma feels better! and I will send some sunshine your way! Way to be positive

  2. thinking of your beautiful oma! blog slumps suck, but i think you are handling yours well, you always seem to make me laugh at your randomness and funny little stories you tell :) wishing you well!

  3. If this right here is a blog funk, I say stay in it... I loved this randomly rambling post-- just loved it.

    Following ya now from the GFC hop. If you're up for a bit of a ride I'd love to have ya join me at, we're riding the wave of life one teensy weensy adventure at a time.


  4. I really hope your Oma feels better soon lovely! <3
    Since we've had all this rain I've been a bit obsessed with hot chocolate! I never usually have it but now the weather has suddenly changes I can't help but have a mug full with a good film! I am actually just about to order Thor because, you know, he's HOT!

  5. hot chocolate always takes better when somebody else makes it. That, and mac and cheese. For real. And I'll take you off Ben's hands :)

  6. I have an Oma too! I really hope yours feels better soon, Omas are special people!

  7. Ah I just found your blog and love it yay! New follower here *waves*

  8. Your poor lil grama! I know I am late but I am finding your cute blog from the GFC Hop!! Follow me back and lets be friends!
    Excited to see what other fab posts you come up with!!


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