it's okay..

21 September 2012

Recently I have realised that I need to give myself a bit of a break sometimes. To not be so hard on myself and to accept the fact that I am only human and no where near perfect.
I am okay with not being perfect.

It is also okay to...
1. Want to be one of those 'natural girls' but know that for me, it is completely 100% unachievable.
2. Have lots of weird inappropriate dreams and never tell a living soul them.
3. Have entire conversations with Goblin like he is a real person. All evening. And then spend a good hour or two imagining what accent he would have if he ever did actually speak back.
4. Blog for my own reasons and not have to justify it to anyone. I enjoy it and that is all that matters!!
5. Eat really healthily all day and then eat chocolate and sweets when I get home because it 'doesn't technically count'.
6. Watch Breaking Bad and really wanting to be able to use words like 'Yo' and 'Bitch' without sounding TOTALLY RIDICULOUS. O well, a girl can dream.
7. Dribble in front of your boyfriend (by complete accident obv) and instead of immediately apologising, laugh for the next 30 minutes non stop. I am such a keeper.
8. Remind myself that 'this too shall pass' when I am having a bad day.
9. Think that it is okay to wash my hands in our bathroom but not okay to wash my hands in the kitchen. (Something to do with me being a total freak and the water being different.)
10. Accept the fact that I will never have 'good' or 'witty' blog titles. Or even know what SEO actually means for that matter.
11. Enjoy that Ido not have to take my job home. Monday to Friday, 9-6 you will find me being a super efficient, very corporate receptionist, any other time you can find me at home surrounded by mountains of maltesers and goblets overflowing with wine tea. Perfection.
12. Never be amazed at the things that me and Claire (my old flatmate) will say when we are together. Shocking and totally bizarre.
13. Have not ridden a bike for about 6 years now. GASP.
14. Wear the most unattractive and uninviting PJ's around the flat and still expect the boyfriend to fancy you.
15. Finding stuff like this on Tumblr months ago, and being so easily pleased that it still makes me laugh today.
Happy Friday everyone!!!


  1. haha, I loved this list :) I CANNOT pull off any type of natural look.... no one would speak to me if I attempted it.

    Milkshake pic = amazing!

    Happy Friday ;)

  2. Haha.... I love the milkshake...that was my ringer in high school

  3. Natural is really hard, I can only pull of natural after 1.)At least five weeks good gym attendance, meaning minimum of three times a week. 2.)A facial. 3.)Have stuck to the diet for three weeks so my skin is clear. 4.)Mani/Pedi. 5.)Tan.

    In conclusion natural look is great but its really NEVER actually natural, just a different kind of work!

    And the milkshake thing is v. funny!

  4. You kill me. So clever.

    The second one was my favorite.

  5. :) :) i love all your okays, and i agree with all of them as well!

  6. this is fantastic. each and every one of them is perfectly okay!


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