How tequila can escalate things...

22 September 2012

So you remember when I mentioned here that last weekend I learnt tequila did not agree with me??
Well this post explains all.

(BE WARNED - this post contains it's fair share of alcoholic drinks, drunken behaviour and a lot of photos. But I am sure you are all used to that now.)

Last weekend myself, Ben, Alex and Caroline headed up into central for a catch up. We met at Waterloo and set out scouting somewhere to have a drink before dinner. By chance we stumbled across the Priceless London Wonderground so we decided to settle ourselves in with a jug of Pimms to start the evening festivities!!
It is such a gorgeous little slice of heaven. A little like Winter Wonderland (all you Londoners will know what I mean) but just without the christmassy feeling!! The lanterns, the mini mushroom stools, the deck chairs, the trees and the buzzing atmosphere made for a lovely start to the evening.
Isn't it just gorgeous!!?? It is there till the end of September so if you get a chance, definitely head down to Waterloo.
After the Pimms and the bottle of pink wine we headed back under the bridge to The Archduke restaurant for some cocktails and food. As there was quite a wait for the table we settled outside and enjoyed each others company. And some cocktails of course.
Cocktail number one; Ben has an espresso martini and Alex enjoyed a rather strong concoction of alcohol plus alcohol plus more alcohol and then a splash of fruit juice.
I enjoyed a few many strawberry caipirinha's and Caroline has a few mojitos. Don't they just look delicious?
The food was absolutely gorgeous. Alex and I shared some huge chunky and delicious prawns to start and then we both chose chicken and chips for our mains. The best bit?? the guacamole. YUM.
I then moved on to some raspberry mojitos, which did the trick.
The waiter then bought over a shot of tequila for us all.
Oh tequila, tequila, tequila, tequila..this little shot tipped us all waaaaay over the edge.
After this point everything gets a little fuzzy.
After all that it was prosecco time.
There were reports of me being a little loud at this point but there is no evidence of this therefore it isn't true. Well that is what I am telling myself anyway.
That up there is me and Alex acting silly. At least we weren't the only ones!!
Where there is a mirrored wall in London there will be drunk people taking pictures.
Now these last ones are only a fuzzy memory. Something about New Girl and FREEZEFRAME attempts. If you watch New Girl you will understand. If not, email me.
We are just TOO COOL. 
Next stop for us all? Home. And boy did I need my bed!!
Do you have any experience with tequila escalating an otherwise classy and civilised evening???
Please share. 
So I don't feel such a loser. 
That's all from me, peace out. 
(I don't know why I said that, I promise I won't again...)


  1. Oh Tequila, the way to turn a standard into a legendary night! You look like you had a brilliant time :)

    In May, I went on an ill planned trip to the states, where I flew out on my own & then my sister flew out three days later to join me (ill planned). We met up at an outdoor gig (like I said ill planned!!!) and we were so excited to be there and finally have met up that we bought cocktails... except american margaritas are pretty much just (you guessed it) tequila. So a pint of the stuff later & I missed the headliners, Black Keys, because I was so drunk I needed a nap & my sister ended up carrying me out of there. xxxxx

  2. When Iw as in college I had one rule: never say no to a tequila shot. This rule got me into a lot of trouble. I can do margs, but tequila shots and I are dunzo.

  3. haha i love reading about your drunken escpades! tequilla is only enjoyed for me in margarita form but i can understand how it takes you over the edge. nonetheless, it looks as though you had a great time so good for you guys! oh and i love the freeze frames bit :)

  4. I actually love this post! Especially the attempts at FREEZEFRAME ;)
    I wish I remembered to take pictures after lots of alcohol but I usually have to make sure I speak without slurs or fall over and the camera is forgotten! If I ever remember, I will reveal all on my blog :)

    Em xx

  5. Looks like you guys had so much fun! Do you live in London or just visiting? Either way, I am totally jealous. We visited for a month in the summer and absolutely fell in love with that city. It's so beautiful! Just found your blog and I have loved getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower :)

  6. looks like a great time!

    Have a wonderful day! Stop by and say hello!

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  8. Girl, I was hoping you would be a hot mess.

    Back in the days when I drank enough to drown the ocean (trust me) my photos oh.. my photos.

  9. This is hilarious!! You are very brave to post the pictures--funny to watch the progression of tipsiness on everyone's faces. We host a lot of parties and it always cracks me up to look at the pics taken earlier in the evening at the start of the party compared to the ones taken HOURS later when everyone blog site and follow back--I'd be super grateful if you could! Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. Hey nicola! I just came across your cute blog through the hop, and gladly added myself to your followers! I love meeting awesome bloggers and giving them the chance to win something, so I thought I’d share a link to a giveaway I’m having in case you were interested!

    Hope to see you there, and thanks so much!

  11. Hi from the blog hop(:

    Don't you just love drinking memories? It looks like you had a good time, from what you can remember (:

    I hope you have a good Wednesday.

    xoxo Heather


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