confession time..

20 September 2012

It has been a weird and horrible day.
I am ready to put it behind me and curl up on the sofa with some maltesers and a cup of tea. 
Oh wait!! I already have those two things. AND I have a little Goblin for snuggles. 
Feeling better already. Although I think know my feeling better is down to the hour and a half of yoga that I did as soon as I got home NOT the tea and treats I am consuming as I type. 
As my head has been a mess today I have nothing planned for this post but want and feel the need to write..SO here are a few confessions/random facts/secrets of mine.. 
a few confessions. 
// I have watched the first three seasons of The Hills in the past few weeks. It is not something I am proud of, but everyone has to have a guilty pleasure shit TV show right??
// I am watching said guilty pleasure now. It is oh so dramatic.
// I haven't washed my hair since Monday. Ew. 
// I think that the most gorgeous thing in the world are a newborn babies fingers and toes. 
// I think that the second gorgeous thing is this boy and his cute early morning yawns. 
// I struggle to sleep properly without Ben there. I'm thinking that tonight I might wait up for him to get back from a work's do.
// I sometimes walk around the flat completely NEKED. Only when we don't have company though, cause that would be super awkward. 
// Speaking of awkward. Why do I insist on pulling stupid awkward faces? On a non-awkward note.. those other two ladies right there are AMAZING. 
// Sometimes when I need to kill time I daydream about what my life might be like in 5 or 10 or 15 years time. I might even do this for the next two hours whilst I wait for Ben to get home. Or keep watching the Hills. 
// The most exciting thing that I have planned his weekend is taking Goblin to the vets. 
// A group of us went to a Butch Walker concert on Tuesday. It was so good and we got to meet him!!!! EEEEK!!!!! My sis was so completely overwhelmed bless her!
p.s is he not so gorgeously DREAMY??? yum. 
// Is it pathetic that I feel proud that I went three days without nail polish on this week? That was my attempt at being one of those 'natural girls' for a while. Next week I am going to try the whole no make-up thing. 
------That was a joke. I can't get away with not wearing make-up, it's also not good for the general public. 
// sometimes I like to do silly things like this;
There I am, chilling out and eating some fizzy fang sweets.
The natural progression?? Act like a five year old; 
// I learnt last weekend that Tequila doesn't agree with me. But more about that coming up soon.. 


  1. Hahaha oh Nic I love you! That last photo made me SERIOUSLY laugh, you know those mahusive choke-on-your-tea laughs? Yeah, one of those.
    Major hugs, hope you're feeling a wee bit better, xxx

  2. Nicola, you are fantastic. there is nothing wrong with watching the hills and walking around naked. Or at least that is what I tell myself. glad you're freeing better!


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