A night of feasting at Bodean's

28 September 2012

This post is for meat lovers.
Wednesday evening myself, Ben, Dean and Olivia went to Clapham Common for dinner at Bodeans. In my opinion you really cannot beat dinner at Bodeans. If you like meat. Lots of meat.
Bodean's, also known as our 'little corner of heaven', brings the American BBQ Smoke House right here to London town
These are some examples of the things that I like to say when I am at Bodean's;
Holy schmoly. Yum-diddy-yum. Amaze-balls. Yummyness overload. Yo, Bitch.
(I still wish I could say that last one without sounding like an ass)

Double dating it. We are TOO cool.
That right there is my dinner.
I ordered the half rack of Spare ribs with chips and coleslaw. Emphasis there on the HALF RACK.
I can't imagine how much of an eating machine you would have to be to manage a full rack of those ribs.
The ribs were tender and tasty and yummy, and the chips were sent straight from heaven, the sauce, oh the BBQ mayonnaise sauce....*dribbles*...
The point of that ramble..the meal was delicious.
p.s my plate was the entire width of me. Hip to hip...Americans sure know how to give a generous portion size!
Such a pair.
Err, yeah, I don't know why I made that face. Blame it on the wine or the fact that I just stuffed my face, or the face that I am just that awkward in real life.
You can blame that face on the wine.
After dinner we made our way to Exhibit (one of my fav's) in Balham for a nightcap.
We glugged sipped on Tatanka Martini's (Zubrowka vodka, apple juice and vanilla) and chatted away until we decided to head home... After all, it was a school night!!


  1. oh my goodness, that dinner! If I still ate meat, I'd be all over it. Also, fyi: you look so pretty in those pictures!

  2. Oh my gosh! You had me at BBQ! When are we going???? :D

  3. I've wanted to go to Bodean's for ages!! Everyone always says how amazing it is. You are a beaut - love your hair x


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