a funny person / sister. the names Tash..

6 September 2012

there is this person i know. 
and she is a pretty funny dudette.
(a dudette who would probably hate me calling her that, oh well..sorry, not sorry)
her name is tash. and she is my sister (although i frequently call her sis-wa)
this is her...say 'hi tash'..
'hi tash'
ah aren't you all so lovely!??
back to the point - she is one of the funniest people i know. even looking at her makes me laugh sometimes. (that honestly happens -  and quite a lot.)
 she has a tumblr account that she blogs on occasionally and if i am ever having a day which is just shit BLAH - we all have them - i go on her tumblr and laugh my little socks off until i feel a much happier soul. 
today i decided to share a little snippet of her tumblr on here as so to spread the laughs and happiness.
i hope you enjoy just a few of the posts that have made me LOL...
well i hope that put a smile on your face!!
i swear i could look at those all day and never get bored. anyways.....
if you want to hire tash out for the day just to look at/make funnies or generally be around you..just shoot me an email and i can arrange her to be shipped to you for a small fortune!!
and remember...everything is negotiable.


  1. hahaha these are all fantastic!

  2. I literally LOLed at the Lion King, I havent seen that one before!

  3. Ahh your blog made me smile!


  4. i like the photobomb one haha, thanks for the laugh xoxo


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