a few opinions of mine.

12 September 2012

first off i would like to thank the migraine that took up residence in my brain yesterday morning and rendered me useless for the rest of the day.
you know you should be at home in bed being looked after by your boyfriend or little Goblin when your doctor says to you (and i am quoting word for word here) 'oh dear, you do look rough'.
my doctor redeemed himself though by prescribing me some beta-blockers, some random night-time tablets and some strooooonggg pain killers to get me through the rest of the day. score. and then he referred me in for an MRI scan (eek - totally scared) to work out why it is that my brain likes to cause me pain.
i would like to apologise on behalf of my migraine to all those people who i have not emailed back yet/finished guest posts for/tweeted/facebooked or text back yet. i will try my hardest to do all those things tonight.
so now i have that moan out of the way, i can get on with what i was supposed to be posting about today, which i just realised i have now completely forgotten.
brain fart.
oh my god - that word. gross. please forget i ever said that.

ah-ha, i just remembered what i was supposed to be talking about. phew.
so there i was having a read of my daily favourite blogs and i read this which made me laugh silly amounts (like she always does and almost always out loud like a total moron) and then Erin lead me on to reading this which made me smile seven more.
the thought then came to me and my brain still aren't on great terms today and my creative juices are apparently on holiday, maybe i could just talk about my opinions?
i mean how hard can it be?
i love to over complicate things so the answer is apparently very difficult.
score. and here is why...
over the past few years i have come to accept the fact that i am a woman who has very fluid opinions about the big 'serious issues' in life; world politics, history, punishment for crimes, religion, the economy, the health system, global warming and such like.
my opinions never seem to be absolute when it comes to these issues. they are always switching up and changing and sometimes i am swayed so easily by an others opinion it makes me doubt i even had an opinion in the first place.
it is not that i don't care about any of these things, i do, i just look at all the different sides of the issues (that's the historian in me) and i rarely pick a side to stand faithfully by.
HOWEVER, when it comes to some of the smaller things in life, my opinions are much stronger.
don't ask why this is - i am a woman and am therefore allowed.
here are some of my smaller, less important opinions..
1. the volume of music in a car must NEVER be kept at an odd number. the only exceptions to this are multiples of 5. i believe this should be made the law.
2. being a nag for the first year (or so) of living together with your boyfriend is necessary. how else will they learn to pick up their pants/socks/shoes from the floor? or hang a towel right on the towel rack? and yes. there is an exact way to do that. ben has been shown. a few times no doubt.
3. i truly believe that friends is the greatest tv show EVER MADE. it is timeless. no exceptions.
4. a little make-up and a good hairstyle is not something that girls should skip because their men 'should love me regardless of if i wear make-up'. NO. most every girls look better with some slap on and their hair at least brushed. embracing your femininity is a powerful thing ladies and who is going to take you seriously looking like someone who just escaped an asylum? exactly.
taking pride in your appearance is important ladies.
5. the dishwasher is one of the greatest inventions of all time.
6. hair straighteners are the second.
7. you should work to live, not live to work. this is how i see it; your job should not the be the most important thing in your life. your family, friends and how you spend your spare time are the things that matter the most. yes, we all have to work (well most of us anyway) and of course if you can choose a job you crazy enjoy then do so...but if your job starts to suck the life out of you and affects your relationships then you should find another. it really is not worth it.
8. reading too many fashion and beauty magazines will make you feel ugly.
9. eating maltesers, drinking tea and setting the world to rights with your best friend is usually better than therapy.
10. every person should own a cat/dog/budgie/goldfish at some point in their lives. they provide such entertainment!
11. saying things like totes, amaze-balls and lols should be perfectly acceptable. don't be such a word nazi. freedom of speech remember?? and who exactly is it harming?
12. facebook is not a place to air your dirty laundry. by doing this you invite people to start making opinions - and they are usually nasty - about your private life. it is not classy.
13. best friends should not be allowed to live too far away. so if you could all move to london that would be FAB. thanks. (im talking to you susan, sarah, rich, nicola and hannah)
14. you should not be judged by deciding to eat ice-cream/donuts/maltesers/sweets at 10pm. it is the perfect time to eat these treats.
15. hand written thank you cards are MUCH nicer to receive than a generic and crap thank you text. for the cost of a small card and a stamp they will know that whatever they did for you, you really appreciate. it is always the smallest things that create the biggest smiles.
and that is about most of my opinions about trivial things.
did you see what i did there as well??? ended my list on number 15?? that is totally a acceptable number to finish on.
i don't know why i keep saying that. sorry. lol.
have a good humpday.


  1. love this :) reading lists like this make me happy and i really agree with what you're saying!! hope your head feels better soon xo

  2. Haha i love this. Can't beat a good list and i totally agree about the Facebook thing. The only thing worse than people who write attention seeking status's on Facebook are the people who actually comment on them asking what's up. AGH! x

  3. i love this post and agree with you on so many things.

    handwritten thank you notes make such a difference; a dishwasher is one of the greatest inventions ever; amazeballs is a proper word; and that facebook comment so true :)

  4. i love this post!!!
    and couldn't be more agree with you about Friends. best!

  5. I hope that migraine is gone by now and that you don't have to suffer from it anymore!
    I agree with you on absolutely everything...maybe not so much the hair straightener since I don't use one, but everything else :D

  6. hehe! i agree with almost all of this :) actually all of this!


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